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I scramble for my heels as someone knocks on the door. I slip them on and hurry down the stairs. I open it to find Shane.

"Hey," he says.


"Ready to go?"

"Yup," I say.

He takes my hand as my mom runs towards her. She snaps a picture as I roll my eyes.

"Have fun, Dear."

Shane smiles as we walk out. "Get ready for a great night," he chuckles. He opens my door and helps me in. He closes my door and gets in the driver's seat. We drive and listen to the pop music on the radio. We finally park.

I sigh as we get out. These heels were already killing my feet. I think I'll stick to sneakers for now on.

He grabs my hand and brings me inside. "I made a reservation. Dawson. Table for two." He says to the seating guy. He brings us to the table.

"Your waiter will be here shortly."

As he walks off, Shane smiles. "So, you all right?" He says.

"Yeah. It doesn't hurt... As much. This dress definitely isn't helping, though. It's just rubbing against my bruise."

He frowns. "Aww, well you'll be out of it soon." He winks.

"Shane Lee, what happened to saving ourselves?" I ask.

He chuckles. "I'm kidding. Gurl, you know I don't roll like dat." He says in his Shananay voice.

I giggle as the waiter approaches.

"Hello, I am Daniel, and I will be your waiter today. Can I start you off with drinks?"

"Uhh, yeah," Shane says, "Can I have a diet coke?"

"Okay, and for the young lady?" He says flirtaciously.

"Can I have a Sprite?"

"Sure thing, Miss." He leaves with a wink.

I look to see Shane a tad angry.

"Honey, relax. He may be flirting with me, but I only have eyes for you."

He smiles. "I love you so much."

"I love you, too," I say.

We order our food, and he drives me to his house. He helps me out and leads me to his bedroom.

"Emmy," he says nervously.


He wipes a bead of sweat from his forehead. "I know this is a little too soon, but--"


He gets down on one knee and grabs my hand. "I love you so much. You're all I think about. I want to be with you until we die. Emmy Mae Richards, will you marry me?"

I gasp and try to speak, but no words come out.

"I-Is that a yes? Or a no?" He asks while shaking.

I shake my head and clear my throat. "Yes." I smile. "Yes."

He grins and pulls out a shiny silver ring. He slips it onto my finger and kisses me. "I love you." He whispers in my ear.

"I love you, too!" I giggle. I sit on his bed and kick off my heels. "Do you have anything to change into?"

"Yeah, I can find something. Go take a shower, and I'll search."

I nod my head and slip into hus bathroom. I take a steaming hot shower, and when I get out, I look at my bruise in the mirror. It was still really purple. I frown and slip on my underwear and bra. I open the door a crack and peek my head out. "Shane? Did you find something?"

No response.


No response.... Again.

I sigh and slip out. As soon as I reach his bed, he pops out from the side.


I jump and scream. As he chuckles, I hit his shoulder. "Not funny."

He smirks. "Nice outfit."

I roll my eyes. "Did you find anything?"

"Honestly, I haven't done laundry in a while, so all of my stuff is currently getting washed. So that would be a no." He walks over to the bathroom and shuts off the light. "It's fine. I don't care about yo' titties."

I raise an eyebrow. "Not sure if I should be relieved or offended..."

"Both," he laughs. He pulls out a dvd from behind his back. "Would you like to watch 'The Lizzie McGuire Movie?'"

I shake my head. "Yes!" I exclaim. He laughs as I run to the living room. I check my messages as I wait for him. Two minutes pass by, and I grow impatient. "Shane Lee! Hurry the fuck up!"

He chuckles and enters the room in nothing but his undies. "Gurl, I had to freshen up to look good."

"Oh god," I giggle. "We're probably the only couple who watches old Disney movies in their undies."

He inserts the disc and plops down on the couch next to me. He slips his arm around my waist.

Towards the end, we were singing "What Dreams Are Made Of."

Shane: Hey now!

Me: Hey now!

Both: This is what dreams are made of.

Shane: Hey now!

Me: Hey now!

Both: This is what dreams are made of!

Shane: I've got, somewhere I belong.

Me: I've got, somebody to love.

Shane: This is what dreams are made of!

At the end, when Gordo and Lizzie leaned in, we leaned in and kissed.

I fell asleep with my head on his shoulder.

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