Beating the odds (A Niall Fanfic)

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Hailey POV

"Hailey dont worry,im scared about the plane ride too." My friend Casidy was trying to convince me that a plane ride to london,for the first time ever on a plane,would be fine. i wasnt convinced. i had to keep telling myself,this is for one direction,this is for the boys,the boys! People tell us we are obsessed with 1D, its called dedication and thats the reason why the plane ride was for the boys. we were going to london to try to find the boys and to live life. it is june 25 2014, the boys were turning 20,21 and 23 soon and well im 13 for the rest of the year while casidy is 17. "Flight 267 to Friern Barnet,London is boarding" "come on,im ready" i muttered, i could feel my hands shaking auctually my whole body. i was terrified but we had to get to london and the sooner the better.

Nialls POV

"the weather is beautiful!' i said looking out my window,the sun was so bright. it was obviously one of the nicer days in london. i turned around to make sure Harry was still up. he wasnt. i came into his flat to wake him up, something was telling me to go out and explore london. "harrrrrryyyyyy wakeup! com'on! we need to go" i was starting to get frustrated, i really wanted to go!! "go where?" Harry asked in more of a mumur then auctually talking,you could tell he was still sleepy. "EVERYWHERE!" i was almost yelling but so what! "im up niall, just get me some clothes"Harry replied. i got him the first shirt and shorts i saw,i had this urgency i needed to leave! harry was changing and telling me repeadtly to find his gray beanie. it was unseen. i couldnt find it anywhere. i heard knocking. i ran to open the door. it was the boys! good they can help me find the beanie and leave!

Hailey POV

"Hailey,get up from your day dreaming and start moving the plane has landed!" Casidy was yelling at me.

i was up and moving i quick grabbed my bag and almost ran off the plane. i turned around Casidy wasnt there,oh well! i kept walking. i got our suitcases. Casidy still wasnt there. "Hailey?!!!!!!!" i heard Casidys voice. "Casidy!" i ran and jumped on Casidy. " Hailey you scared me to death! i thought you were kidnapped,you scared the shit out of me!" Casidy said frantic,i could help from lauhging. "stop laughing or i will leave your ass here to be kidnapped" Casidy replied i could tel she was relifed i wasnt kidnapped. "Maybe ill tell Harry everything you have ever done embarrassing...." that shut her up. "dont you dare or i will tell Niall!" Casidy teased. "i dont care,Niall should know me for me!" i had a impressive comeback compared to her lousy ones,but it was true!" as we walked out of the airport laughing i almost died.

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