Beep. Beep. Beep.  It was my alarm closk going off.  On Saturday.  I never set it on Saturdays.  Annabellle and Chloe must've set it because I see them beside my bed and I can tell they're anxious to tell me something.  

"Get up and get yourself ready for more quidditch practice girl!"  Chloe yelled in my face.  


"It's for the Gryffindor team only and it's lead by former team captain Oliver Wood, AND Jonny might be there!"  

"Okay I'm up!  I'm gonna go get ready for lunch!"  

"Someone's excited."  Annabelle said to me.  Of course I was we're talking about JONNY LIGHT here!  Here just so gorgeous;  with his beautiful dark brown eyes, sparkling smile and amazing hair.  

"Well, I'm gonna go shower!  I'll meet you in the common room in one hour.  I walked to the bathroom I saw Sabrina; the stupidest girl in the world!  She stared me down and I had no idea why I haven't down anything to her in the past month.  Unless she's still mad at me from last month!


"Hey Mc, come here!"  Sabrina's boyfriend George Weasely said to me.  I followed him into the nearest empty classroom.  We walked in.  He leaned into kiss me and I kissed him back.  Well, I would say kiss 'cause we were making out.  He pushed me against the wall it was insane; good and bad.  

Sabrina walked in the room looking for George and scream,"GEORGE! HOW COULD YOU?"  

We broke apart. She started swearing at me.  And broke up with George.  I swear she cried for a week.

Back to real life.

Once I reached the bathroom I saw 3 seventh years, Rebecca Smriks; Kyle's older sister, Angelina Johnson; my friend from quidditch, and Katie Bell; anotoher friend from quidditch.  

They were doing their make-up.  I forgot all of my make-up in my trunk.  I'll get it when I'm finished showering.  

I took a 30 minute shower.  I dired off and put on my favorite striped shirt; turquoise and pale purple stripes and my favorite dark skinnies.  I threw my quidditch robes over it.  I went and got my make-up.        

Black mascara, a little eyeliner, and light pink lipgloss.  I walked back to the Gryffindor commonroom, I found Annabelle, Chloe, Elizibeth, and Sabrina, Katie, and Angelina.  We all walked to lunch together.  I ate fried chicken and tater tots.  

Angelina and Katie had already walked down to the field so I walked byu myself.  Once I got there Jonny was the only on the field.  

"Hey I'm glad someone else showed up Mc!"  

"Yeah, why isn't anyone else here?  And is that a new broom?"  

"One, I don't know why anyone else isn't here and two yeah it's the Skyflier 6,000!  Wanna spin on it?"  

"Totally!"  I walked up to the broom and sat down in front of him he put his arms around me and steered.  It was heaven; he had his arms around ME!  

The Skyflier 6,000 was 6,000 times better than my old StarGlider 3,000, it was fast but not as fast and smooth as his.  He landed for us and helped me off.  

"McKenna will you be my girlfriend, my witch?"  

"I would love to Jonny!"  I told him happily.  

"So what do ya say, Three Broomsticks this Friday?"  

"Of course."  The enitre quidditch team came out onto the field, congratuating us.  Fred came up to me and said,

"You're a lucky girl Mc!  All the girls love him!"  

"They do?"  

"Yeah they just don't tell you because they know how much you love him!"  

"Oh... Well okay.  Fred how's it with you and Angelina?"  

"Good, in fact I'm about to go ask her to the Three Broomsticks!"  

"Congratulations McKenna!  You two are an adorable couple!"  Katie told me happliy.  

"Hey Jonny we need nicknames for each other!"  I said to him!  

"Well, I can call you babe and you can call me baby!"  

"Great baby!"  

End of Chapter One!!!!

A/N: I wrote this a while ago and just now, I re-wrote it correctly.  I hoped you enjoyed a well written chapter one!

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