*your pov*

The sun shined in my eyes as I woke up. I slowly got up, sure not to wake up josh. Hmh, he looked good in sleep. Like, he was the peacefullest and calmest guy ever, like he havn't done anything on me. I crept in the bathroom and looked in the mirror. Whoa It would need really much make up to cover this bruises up. Fuck josh. I started my work, and I could tell I did a good job, if you just stay a meter away from me. I hate these girls who cake their face with make up, but now forcefully i'm one of them. Yaaay..

"Heey babe, what time is it?" Josh asked me with his morning voice. "It's 11am..." Wow. he just pretended it like nothing happened. No "sorry that I was so upset yesterday" or "I wanna apalogize for my rudnes

s and brutality". Well I can do this too. I mean I couldn't do anyways something against his, I just call it 'attitude'. "Let's do something together today." I said hopefully. I mean, maybe we could talk about the things he did to me and would admit that it wasn't right to do this... "Nahh, sorry I have to.... help my mum out with... the shopping. She need... new clothes!" "Oh, ok.. then i'll just hang out here and try to have some fun at my own.." (don't take this pervert *wink wink*) I said disappointed. "Well ok, then I'll leave in 15 minutes." Whoa I thought i could at least cuddle with him in bed for a while but then...

*josh left*

Ok, I was alone now. What do do? I could..." I've tried playing it cool, but when im looking at you.." my phone blasted. I wondered who called me.... liam I quickly answered the phone:


-hello (yn) it's liam,we wondered if you want to come over to hang out and watch some movies with us?

-Sure, I'll be there in 10

-ok, bye :)

-bye leeyum

Yay, finally something to do.'babe, i'm at liam's , you can come over when youre ready:)xxx' I texted josh. I mean he had to know where I go. I wanted to leave when I realized I was still weraring my pjs. Oops. I put on an oversized sweat shirt ,sweat pants and put my hair up in a messy bun. It was just a lazy day i wouldn't have to be fancy. Then I applied more make up on my bruises. I didn't want anyone to see this.

*At Liam's*

The boys opened happily the door. And pulled me in a big hug. But then they let go. "Where's josh?" they asked mistrustedfuly. "He has to help his mum." "whoa good we're finally alone! And we have to tell you.. we don't like josh. He seems like a real jerk. He always give us these...looks." they told me. "Guys look, I know Josh can be sometimes a little bit jealous but he's a good guy and very caring." (lol, no hes wasn't) I tried to explane. "Sorry but our opinion don't change. Just be careful okay?" Louis said carying. "Ok dad!" I teased him.

The day was fun, we ordered chinese food, but ending up in a food fight. Zayn got pretty annoyed cause we poured sweet sour sauce over his hair. (" My haaaair! My pretty pretty hair! What have you done you monsters?! I'll go in the bathroom!") The funny thing was, niall collected the noodles of the floor and ate them. lol.

We sat on the sofa, just to calm down when liam interupted the silence: "(yn), you said josh would help his mum, right?" " Yes, he does, why?" I agreed. "So.. erm.. he posted this pic on twitter with some chick..." "What?!" I interrupted him. " Show me." He handed his Laptop to me, and I saw a pic of josh , holding the waist of some slag...KYLEE! You could tell I was pissed. "Hey its alright, love." They pulled me into a hug. When we let go louis said something unexpected: "(yn), why do you have so much make up in your face, you don't need it at all." (haha, obviously it would be lou who would note this ;) ) "Ah, it's just.. i just feel prettier with it.." I lied. If they only knew. " Listen (yn), you are really beautiful without this." Niall said shyly and looked at his palms. Did Niall freaking horan just called ME, i repeat me, just an average girl beautiful? I was stunned. 

*Liam's pov*

We decided to put some movies in, we watched toy story. ( "yaaay! toy story!!" ) But after 30 minutes the bell interrupted the movie. Josh stood on the door. "babe!" he laughed and pulled (yn) into a kiss, but she let go. " Josh, why did you lie to me? I know you were out with kylee!" He scratched his head and looked left. " Well, it was, because.. you didn't seem to get along well with her....and so I... decided to meet her in secret, so you don't get jealous!" " Josh, I don't know if I can believe you this.." She said unsure and crossed her arms infront of her chest. " Babe please, I would never cheat on you, I love you! I am your boy friend! Kylee... she's just a good friend." She won't believe him, right? False liam, she believed him and even apalogised for that. I should have thrown josh out the house but (yn) seemed really to like him, and she was like my little sis for me now.

"What are we watching?" he asked coriously. "toy story" I answered happily. "Bullshit." he muttered. What the heck? Bored he sat down on the left side of the sofa and (yn) snuggled up on his chest. Niall sat next to her and something flackered i his eyes. After like 25 minutes I noticed that she dropped off on his chest.  Awwe :) " I'm going pee." josh anounced and just stood up, letting (yn) drop with her head on the armrest. I shook my head about that. I told you this guy was a jerk. " You can't just drop her on the armrest! " Niall said angrily. Josh shook his shoulders. " Whatever" he murmled. Grr. I looked at niall who slowly lifted he up and leaned her against his chest. I didn't get why he was still single. He was such a sweet and protective person. Don't get this wrong. I have a gorgeuos girlfriend :)!

After 10 minutes I had to pee too. Where was josh at? I think i just should look after him if he was okay. I went to the bathroom and just wanted to knock when I heard his voice: "Yeah baby.... haha so stupid... does believe me this little dumb girl....have to go now....love you...see ya soon honey..." Wait, with who did he just talked on the phone? Omg, I thought he cheated on (yn)! What to do now? If I would tell her I would breake her heart...I thought I would just keep it first as a secret and tell her in the right moment... and should I tell the boys? I doubted that they could keep it as a secret. No defence aginst the boys. And niall? He seemed so... protective over her. I thought if I would tell him he would punch josh until the death..."Get off!" Josh pushed me aside. I didn't realisef he had opened the door... Ok, I would just keep it first as a secret, I decieded. Who knew what could happen tomorrow? Maybe she just figered out by herself... Ok I knew that thought was pretty egoistic but I just had to. I knew I just had to threw this douche bag out my house.

*your pov*

When I woke up, I leaned on niall's chest, which I didn't kow why made me sparkles. When we were home I knew it, before it happened. The arguement. about kylee. The angerly slap on my cheek. The insults. Would this now be routine?

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