So All my Friends are doing this so I should too. Ok heres the deal school starts tomorrow, I'll be in the 8th grade and I'm taking H.S courses (Algerbra and Spanish) So to get credits in the classes I have to get good grades so between cheer, student Counclie, Martial arts, H.W,Friends, and Friday night foot ball, I will only write on Saturdays and Sundays maybe three days out of 7. So I will be updating Barrel of a gun and this story cause there doing the best, I might update schools new boy band soon but....Idk. School first. Today I have a game and tomorrow i might have practice after school. Grrrr Freedom is over.. but Next week (I think) Is labor day so we get an extra day off, this week we have three days of school then 4 next week then thats how its going to happen! Please don't hate me!

~Jenna Grayce/BooBear/JennaBear/Pipsqueak <3

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