Never Back Down

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Hey guys :) this is just to see how you would react to this. Should i write it or no? I'm awaiting your decision

"She's right in side" a voice on my left said. I glance to my left. A group of six or seven girls hung around outside the girls bathrooms at the fair grounds.

Here we go I thought. I nudged my friend Jay. He glanced over to where the girls are standing. I already see the scowl spread over his face, i've known Jay for a long time and this is the maddest i've ever seen him.

"I'm going to kill them if they touch her Matt." He mumbled under his breath. I don't blame the dude. Last time those girls got ahold of Caroline they went and beat her unconscious with sticks. Caroline is Jay's girlfriend. He loves that girl to death. Caroline loves to go to these county fairs, Jay and I don't know why. They're shady, and Caroline loves to go to them late in the night. Just to prove they were Jay and i were creepin' under an overhang from one of the game huts right near the girls restrooms. Creepy right? Caroline had to use the bathroom and if Jay and I hung around the entrance we would look like pedophiles. Caroline has been with other guys before Jay, but the one we're dealing with is the worst. He liked her when she dumped him. He was abusive and after she dumped him he decided to make her life a living hell. I'm guessing he has good looks because the way he does it is brutal. he gets all the girls who like him and get them to beat Caroline.

"We woulnt let them Jay" I wispered.

"What if they do?" he asked. his eyes grew wide with worry. I shook my head and dropped the sock out of my sleeve, catching it by the knot we put into the open side. I don't want to hit girls, i don't even like hurting a girls feelings, stuff like that just breaks my heart. I held it up to Jay's eyes for him to see. inside the sock there was a bar of soap. It's a pretty nifty weapon if you ask me, it's hard enough to leave you a nice bruise and yet soft enough that it wouldn't kill anyone of blunt force trauma. We both have one in case the girls wouldn't listen to reason. I look back in time to see Jay make sure the knot on his is tight. In the silence we here the water from the sink inside the shack turn off and a piece of paper towel being ripped. "Here goes nothing......"

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