Chpt 3

I stared at her for a while, trying to figure out whether she was joking with me or she was serious.

"What umm, What do you mean?" I asked confused

"As in the damn thing is gone!" she said aggravated

"How? H-how is it not there..? Where d-did it go" I studdered

"It teleported to phone land, I DONT KNOW!" she said sarcasticly

"O.k. Geez! Do you think the teachers got to it already?" I asked

"I dont think so...they weren't near my locker yet, and if they had it they would have said something by now"

"Yeah your right, then if you dont have it and the teachers dont have it, someone stole it" I said

" Lets just hope that person doesn't rat me out"

"Lets hope" I told her and the bell rung.

We walked out and went to our lockers, gym was our last period of the day.

We went up stairs to find Dylan leaning on Haleys locker.

"Hey..?" I asked

"You Need us or something?" Haley asked still annoyed about her phone missing

"Are you ok?" He asked

"IM FIIIIIINE!"Haley yelled but to get attention from no one

"woah! Calm down you crazy bitch!" he said to her

Haley tryed to smack him but i stopped her.

"You shouldn't be so Mean to me now" He said

"Why not?" Haley asked not giving a shit

"Because I have something of yours" he said with a smirk

Haley then relized what he had of hers because her face went blank.

"Give it back, now!" she said, surprizingly keeping her temper down

He just laughed

"Dylan, how did you even get her phone?" I asked

"Well Deby, I went to her locker, and um took it" He said with a shrug

"Why did you-

"How did you get in my locker?" Haley asked interuppting me

"because i've seen you open your locker so many times" He said. Wow freaking stalker I thought.

"Um? Ok can I just have it back?" Haley asked nicely

"I will, but first you must come to a party with me" He told her

"Who's party?" Haley asked interested

"My brother, he is having a party" Dylan said

"A senior party?" Haley asked already knowing the answer

"totally!" Dylan said back.

At this point I was leaning on my locker. I'm not much of a party person. I do go to them though, drink a bit, dance a little, but i'm not one of those hard rockers. Unless Haley drugs me or some shit.

"Ok i'm in!" Haley said with a smile on her face

"Well just dont get pregnant" I muttered. Dylan looked at me and smiled

"You're coming with me too!" He said to me

"What? no! I dont want to its ok you guys go have fun" I told them both

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