Niall's POV;

When I heard the news, I rushed over as fast as I could.

How did this happen?

She isn't that clubsy to have fallen over and broken a mirror. I mean, it isn't that easy to break a mirror.

The doctor is talking to us now.

Me, the boys and a couple of her close friends from university.

He says she might not remember everything. She might not remember the past couple of days, weeks even, but we won't know until she tells us what she does remember.

He says she's awake now and I ask if I can go in now, since her family isn't here yet.

The doctor says yes. She could use some company.

Especially from her best friend.

Liam pats my shoulder once and I get up to go see her.

Even when she looks like shit, she is beautiful.

She looks at me and I it down at the foot of her hospital bed.

She mumbles something: How are you?

I laugh, how could she ask me how I am when she is in terrible condition?

I reply anyway. "I'm fine, how are you feeling?"

She looks confused. Then I hear her small voice, strained beyond the beeping of the machines and the oxygen mask she's wearing. She removes the mask when she repeats herself.

"No. Who are you?"

Olive's POV;

"Olive, it's me," he says with a smile, as if I am supposed to know who this stranger is. I give him a look. His face drops and I know he is someone important. Maybe someone I just started dating? He looks at me, dumbfounded.

"You seriously don't remember me?" He looks like he is about to cry and I don't know why.

"'...The doctor says I won't remember a couple of days..." I say, trying to explain myself, hoping he would tell me who he is.

"No shit," he says. He has this accent, I can't remember where I've heard it before. Some country. What's the name of it?

"Why are you so concerned if I've just met you?" I ask.

"Olive-" He stops himself and looks at the ground. He takes a breath. I put the mask back on. I can't breathe. There's a stabbing pain at my ribs. He looks up again. "I've known you for two years..."

I can't breathe again and I still have no idea who this guy is. "What's your name?"

"Niall." He looks at my face, trying to see if that made any difference.

It doesn't.

"Is my mom out there?" I ask. I needed someone familiar. Someone I'd remember.

"Not yet." He was still staring intensly at the ground. I wondered if the there is something interesting down there.

"Is Ronald out there?" I ask. Surely my boyfriend would be here.

He looks at me in shock. I guess he expects me to not recognize anybody because I don't know him. "Olive..."

The doctor comes in and pulls Niall out of the room. I think he's yelling something at me. I can't tell.

And that's when I black out again.

Niall's POV;

How could she not remember me? I've known her for two years. TWO FUCKING YEARS. And when she asked me for Roger. ROGER?! Why the hell would she want him and not me? I was about to blow up at her. I can't believe this is happening.

"How is she?" Harry asks when I get out of the room.

"Well she doesn't fucking remember me." I slouch in the chair next to his.

"What?" Everyone looks at me.

"Why did the doctor pull you out of the room?"

"She asked for Ronald." Everyone looked at me.

"So what does she remember?" Olive's friend, Trissa, asks me.

"Not sure."

"Maybe we should all go talk to her and then figure out what she knows..." Trissa says to me after a moment of thinking.

"Good idea." Harry asks the doctor if he can go in next. He says Olive's asleep but when she wakes up sure.

I walk over to the coffee area in this waiting room we're in and grab a napkin. Trissa hands me a pen. I think about it and then start writing.

What she [thinks she] knows: 

Ronald is her boyfriend. 

Niall is a stranger.

I don't want to write it out, but it is important information.

Harry is told he can go in now.

In the back of my head, I pray that she won't remember him either.

After everyone's gotten a chance to see her, I look down at the list we've created.

What she [thinks she] knows:

Ronald is her boyfriend.

Niall is a stranger.

Harry is a whore. 

They slept together the night they met and never spoke of it again.

Trissa is her best friend.

They're renting an aplartment next fall by the university.

She goes to Cambridge.

She is from the US.

Liam gives the best advice.

Her and Zayn don't get along very well.

He did save her from getting in the middle of a bar fight once, though.

Louis knows how to make her laugh no matter what is going on.

All of this, she remembers. All of this, and yet nothing about me. How can this happen?

"Well she remembers a lot..." Trissa says after reviewing the list.

"Yeah but she doesn't remember me," I say. She doesn't remember the important things.

"Her mom's in there now. We'll see if maybe she can get something out of her." Trissa is too positive. She's one of those sickeningly sweet types.I get she's trying to help, but she's fucking annoying me.

"I really doubt it." I get up and walk over to the room Olive's staying in. She's smiling and laughing at something her mom said. She looks like a totally different person than the girl who saw me earlier. This is the old Olive.

The one I love.

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