Chapter 4 (Eric)

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Eric sat in stunned silence after Quetzocoatyl had left. He didn’t trust himself to move. Slowly, hesitantly, he raised his hand to his lips, which tingled after Quetzocoatyl had kissed him.

He groaned. He couldn’t let Quetzocoatyl kiss him- he was Eric’s best friend!

The bell rang, making him jump. “Damn it,” he muttered under his breath. He hastily grabbed his bag and a book then rushed out the door.

His class, English, was one of his only classes without a seating plan. He wasn’t sure how Quetzocoatyl had done it, but every seat except the one next to him was full. He had no choice.

Muttering darkly, Eric sat next to Quetzocoatyl. As soon as he was in his seat, much to his horror, Quetzocoatyl leaned over and nibbled his ear. To everyone else it would appear as though he was whispering in Eric’s ear.

Eric bit back a gasp as goose bumps rose on his arms and jerked away. He glared at Quetzocoatyl who shot him a suggestive smile in return.

Their teacher walked in then and immediately started the lesson. Throughout the class, Quetzocoatyl found every excuse to harass Eric in some way, such as stroking the back of Eric’s hand as Eric handed him worksheets.

Eric was completely flustered and distracted by the time the bell rang. He hadn’t even had a chance to read his book.

He rushed gratefully out the door- one of the first people to leave, new for him. Once he had escaped, he checked his timetable.

And groaned.

He shared his next class with Quetzocoatyl too. He glanced back- Quetzocoatyl was still in the class. It would be easy to sneak to the office without him noticing and pretend to be sick.

He snarled under his breath. It wasn’t as if he could run and hide every time he shared a class with Quetzocoatyl and doing so now wouldn’t solve anything.

So, instead of curling up in the sick bay like he wanted to, Eric stalked to his next class. He was the first person there and so he loitered by the door until other people started swarming into the class. He then threw himself into a seat next to one that was already occupied.

Quetzocoatyl walked in then. Eric couldn’t help himself; his breath caught in his throat at the hurt look Quetzocoatyl shot him even though he could see the mischievousness that lurked behind it.

Instead of sitting in the last empty seat (on the other side of the room), Quetzocoatyl strutted straight up to the teacher’s desk. Eric couldn’t hear what they were saying but his heart began to pound as he saw Quetzocoatyl point at him.

The teacher nodded.

Eric watched, seething silently, as Quetzocoatyl sidled over and spoke a few words to the guy sitting next to him. The guy looked over to the teacher and then, when the teacher nodded, he grabbed his things and moved to the other desk leaving Quetzocoatyl to take his place.

“Wha- How?” Eric stuttered.

“I just so happened to forget my text book and I also happen to know a guy who has one that he can share.” Quetzocoatyl grinned wickedly.

Eric glanced at his bag. The supposedly missing textbook was sitting there, right on top.

He cocked an eyebrow at his friend, “Really? The teacher bought that?”

“What can I say? Everybody loves me. Especially you.”

Eric’s face flamed as he bit back a retort and thrust his textbook between them. “Let’s just do the work, okay?”

Quetzocoatyl chuckled softly but made no other comment.

Miraculously, Eric managed to survive an entire lesson without Quetzocatyl trying to wind him up.

After class, in their room, was another matter entirely.

Eric walked in after Quetzocoatyl, turning to close the door behind him. When he turned back, he found himself pinned against the door, Quetzocoatyl’s mouth invading his and his hands on Eric’s hips, holding him close.

Quetzocoatyl’s body crushed him against the door - he could not pull away. Eric was at his mercy as his mouth travelled down to his neck, nibbling lightly, while his hands began to wander.

Eric froze. His mind went blank as he struggled to think of a way out of his predicament. The problem was, Quetzocoatyl was right. Eric did want him, badly. However, he wanted their friendship to remain intact. A relationship could ruin everything. He made a small sound of protest in the back of his throat as the friend in question began to nibble his earlobe.

“Come on Eric,” he murmured against Eric’s neck, “I know you like this. Just relax, what could go wrong?”

This was Eric’s chance. He could – should – stop him. They’d still have their friendship, and things would be back to the way they were.

But was that what he really wanted?

No, it isn’t, he realised. He relaxed slightly against the other boy, a movement which was not unnoticed by Quetzocoatyl. He pulled away and stared at Eric, whose heart pounded.

Quetzocoatyl’s lips quirked into a smile as he read Eric’s expression, “Finally,” he purred, leaning in to plant a tender kiss on Eric’s lips. Eric leaned into him, sighing softly as he buried his hands in the others hair, holding him to him.

His world narrowed until he was conscious of nothing but the feel of Quetzocoatyl’s lips on his.

When the other boy’s tongue traced his lips, Eric’s mouth opened of its own accord, welcoming him.

He was dimly aware of Quetzocoatyl’s hands tracing down his back, fingertips dancing against the bare flesh under his shirt, drifting onto his stomach.

His mind was in a pleasant haze until a hand slid under the waistband of his jeans.

No, no, this is going too fast! This wasn’t right; this wasn’t how it should be! Hell, until this moment he had refused to admit that he wanted Quetzocoatyl, let alone kiss him. He grabbed the other boy’s wrist as his eyes flew open.

“No,” he gasped.

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