Chapter Six

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(Ginger's. P.O.V.)

Its been three days since me and Greyson nearly kissed. Even though I really did want to kiss him, and I definately would have, I realize it was a little early. So maybe it was for the better. I smile up at the ceiling of my bare room.

I really hate having my walls so empty; it drives me insane.

"Hmmm," I hum softly and sit up. My eyes dart around the empty walls. You know what I'm going to hang up all my art today. I don't see why not, I have to do it sometime anyway.

I walk directly to my box filled with my art, I already know which one it is in on account that I opened earlier when trying to find my Coldplay shirt, and set it on my bed and start pulling out all the pages.

I throw my hair into a ponytail, and pull my desk chair over to my wall and step up on top of it. I lean over and snatch up the closest drawing to me. I pin up the top two corners when I hear a soft knock at my door.

"Come in!" I shout over my shoulder with a thumb tack between my lips.

My door creaks open slowly behind me as I stand on my tip toes and stretch to reach the final corner.

"Do you need help with that?" Greyson's voice floats from behind me.

"Yeah that would- wait Greyson!?" I whip around real fast and lose my balance but luckily Greyson is already at the base of my chair and put two hands on my hips to steady me.

"Hey," he laughs, and smiles up at me, " Little excited to see me, huh?" I smile brightly and blush a little.

We gaze at eachother in silence for a few moments, his hand still resting on my hips, be fore he looks away really fast with red cheeks.

"So you needed help..." he clears his throat and pulls his hands away from my waist.

"Um, yeah. I can't reach the last corner," I say sweetly and step off my chair, Greyson holds my hand to offer me support, "So if you would be kind as to jump up there real quick, it would be much appreciated."

"Okay," Greyson says brightly with a smile. Right before jumping up onto the sturdy chair he quickly places a small kiss on my cheek living it burning red when he turns around.

"So how exactly did you get to my house?" I laugh nervously, and hold my hand against my cheek where his lips touched it.

"My dad needed to come over and talk to yours and invited me along," he easily reaches up and pokes the thumb tack into the wall, "And," he reaches over to grab another drawing, " I was wondering if you wanted to come and swim at my house."

"Yeah that sounds good. If I can find my swim suit in all these boxes," I laugh and start digging in a box I think it might be in and Greyson continues to hang up my art.

"I really like your art Ginger," he says softly. I blush and look back at him.

"It's okay. Nothing compared to your music," I giggle and he rolls his eyes at me.

"My songs last 3 minutes then they are over, but you art I can stare at forever and still find new things and new emotions in it," this time I roll me eyes at him.

"I can do the same with your songs. They have these amazing stories behind them and these hinting lyrics that make you wonder what happened to inspire them," I say matter-of-factly.

"Your stuff is the same. Like what inspired you to paint a forest on fire or a sunrise in the country side? Or draw a converse?" he quips right back at me. I purse my lips and furrow my eye brows.

"Agree to disagree?" I ask after a short silence. He runs a hand through his brown hair.

"Nope," he says smiling. I sigh deeply and roll my eyes then turn back to my box of clothes.

Suspended. Unmoving. Eyes open. Hair floating around my head. I move my arms slightly and do a small twirl. I pull my arms up hard and send myself deeper.

I am currently, if you haven't guessed it already, sitting in the middle of the deep end of Greyson's pool, under water. I love just kind of chilling under there.

I feel a small tap on my shoulder and I turn around slowly, being that the water prohibits fast movements. I find Greyson, legitimately, only a centimeter from my face. I gasp which lets all the air out of my lungs and force myself to the surface.

I intake the air as soon as I reach the top. I reach for the edge of the pool and hold on tightly. Greyson's head comes up next to mine, he as well, grabs the edge. I scowl at him trying to get my breath, and coughing slightly.

"I'm really sorry. I meant to scare you not kill you," he frowns.

"Jerk," I cough out hoarsely. His eyes widen.

"Sorry..." he trails off. I can't stand his sad puppy face!

"I'm fine. See," I float back on my back and splash my feet around. I kick some water in his face and he laughs and floats out next to me.

"You're beautiful," he says out of the blue. My stomach erupts into butterflies. I glance over at him, and he isn't evem looking at me. He is gazing up at the blue sky.

"You're not too bad yourself," I laugh. He stops floating on his back and starts to tread so he can look me in the eyes; I do the same.

"I'm not kidding. Everything about you is beautiful," he moves a little closer, "Not only are you beautiful on the outside, with your amazing green eyes," he runs his fingers from my temple to my chin, " but your insides are even more gorgeous."

He places one hand in my wet hair and the other on the exposed skin on my waist under water. My cheeks burn while the pit of my stomach gets warm. We are close enough that I feel our feet kicking next to eachother. I put my hands around his neck, but try not to pull him down because I'm already starting to sink a little.

"Don't worry I'm a good swimmer," he says as if reading my mind. He can always do that. Its as if he really knows what I'm thinking. I smile at him softly and he returns one back to me. I know what is about to happen and no way in Hell was I going to stop him from kissing me.

His arm gets tighter around my waist, and I can barely kick my legs anymore due to lack of space. I can feel me and Greyson sinking more and more.

"One thing," Greyson cranes his neck to keep is mouth out of the water, "You'll be my girlfriend right?"

I shake my head yes, unable to speak, we both stop kicking our legs and let our heads be submerged in the water. Within seconds our bodies are pressed tightly together, and our lips are on eachother.

Our bodies sink a bit while I am pressed tightly against his bare chest. His hands are spread out on the skin of my back and, if possible, pulling me closer and tighter.

We both start to lose air and push up to the top of the water. Both Greyson and I have a tight hold on the side of the pool, breathing heavily. He softly holds the hand I'm not using to hold myself up, and gently presses his lips against it. I lean forward and press our lips gently against each, and move my fingers between his.

Two weeks ago if you'd have asked me if I ever thought I was going to date Greyson Chance I would have said, very sarcastically, "Psssh oh yeah! We are so already a couple!!" but now, with our lips pressed together and hands interwoven, I believe I truly am his.

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