Chapter 3 (Quetzocoatyl [pronounced Lee])

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Quetzocoatyl hit the side of his bed in frustration once Eric was out of sight. How could he have been so stupid? Sure, he was kinda high from the painkillers but still, he could have stopped himself. He had wanted to kiss him though. He was certain of that. He’d wanted to for years now but he’d never dreamed of actually kissing him.

He groaned miserably. Eric’s face as he left would be permanently etched into his brain. He’d looked so confused and shocked- Quetzocoatyl wouldn’t be surprised if he never wanted anything to do with him ever again. He groaned again. The painkillers were wearing off and his head hurt worse than ever. He pressed the button next to his bed that called the nurse. She came quickly and administered more painkillers. He sighed and as their numbing effect began to overcome him he curled up for a night of restless sleep.

The next morning he woke to the sun streaming through the window onto him. The curtains hadn’t been pulled last night and now he had a nice view of someone’s roof. He grumbled something unintelligible, got dressed and went to get discharged and to pay the bill. For once he was glad that Eric had coaxed him into getting medical insurance several years ago.

As soon as everything was finished he went outside to wait for Eric. Quetzocoatyl didn’t have his licence yet but Eric had both his licence and his own car. When Eric pulled up in the parking lot, he climbed in to be greeted with stony silence.

The drive home was awkward and silent. Quetzocoatyl attempted to start a conversation a few times but Eric’s responses were all monosyllabic and eventually, discouraged, Quetzocoatyl stopped trying. He rested his head against the cool glass of the window and mentally cursed himself. When they got to the campus Eric hesitated. “At the hospital...” he began uncertainly, “Why?”

Quetzocoatyl’s heart tugged at him but his fear made him lie, “Because of the painkillers I wasn’t thinking straight. I didn’t mean to kiss you. I’m sorry.” It was almost true.

“Oh, okay,” Eric looked away but Quetzocoatyl caught a flash of something in his eyes. He blinked in surprise. Could it be..?

Before he could know for certain though Eric opened the car door and stepped out. He turned and smiled tentatively. “Don’t forget to lock your door behind you. See you at lunch.”

“Yeah, see you.”

Quetzocoatyl waited for a while to get control of his thoughts before stepping out of the car. He locked the door behind him and strode to his and Eric’s dormitory. Once there he changed his clothes; his shirt from yesterday had some blood stained down the front of it. He carelessly threw on a plain white T-shirt and a pair of slightly baggy jeans. Running a hand through his artfully messy hair to hide the four stitches adorning his forehead he examined his timetable. Art first. He grabbed his bag and a coat before leaving.

When he walked into class he handed his teacher a note which he had stopped at the office to get. She read the note, eyed his forehead speculatively and gestured for him to take his seat.

“I thought that today we could try something new,” the teacher said, “You can draw whatever you want however, you have to show at least three different styles of rendering in your picture.”

Quetzocoatyl hunted in his bag for a 2B pencil and upon finding it he brandished it triumphantly. As he held it to the sheet of paper though, he stopped, frustrated. He couldn’t think of anything to draw. He grunted in annoyance and defiantly drew an oval. He scribbled around the oval; not really knowing what it was exactly that he was drawing; waging war with his imagination. He wielded his pencil like a sword, hacking and slashing fissures of black onto the paper. He began to pick out random features of his scribble; an eye, a mouth, a mop of black hair. He stopped as he suddenly recognised the subject of his drawing. Hunched over, a book held to his nose, lips pouting slightly and his black hair hanging in his face; Quetzocoatyl had accidentally drawn Eric. His hand poised, holding an eraser, ready to destroy all evidence of the picture but then he just shrugged. Why bother erasing it? It was a good picture.

The bell rang then, saving him from making his decision. Cramming his things into his bag he left his class. It was lunch now; he’d gotten to school late after being discharged from the hospital. Quetzocoatyl’s hand unconsciously lifted to his lips as he recalled last night. He shook his head to clear his thoughts. The last thing he needed was to lose control when he saw Eric again and he was sure as hell that thinking indecent thoughts wouldn’t help. With an internal sigh, he shouldered his bag and strode away to find Eric.

He found him sitting under a tree with his nose predictably buried in a book. He dumped his bag beside him and he jumped comically. “Same book as yesterday?” Quetzocoatyl asked with genuine interest.

Eric regained his composure and shook his head holding the book up for him to see, “Magic’s Pawn. It’s a good book.”

“Okay then.”

They lapsed into an awkward silence and Quetzocoatyl shuffled uncomfortably.

“Do you still have that DVD that you got out yesterday?” He asked to break the silence.

“Uh, yeah, it’s in our room.”

“Okay then, come with me.” Without waiting for an answer he scooped his bag up and began to make his way to the dorm.

“Um, where are we going?”

“We’re going to watch the first hour of the movie; I’m bored.”

They got to their room and managed to watch about half an hour before Quetzocoatyl got bored again. To amuse himself he snuck glances at Eric out of the corner of his eye. At one point, much to his surprise, he could have sworn he saw Eric sneaking glances too but he wasn’t sure. Perhaps it was a lingering effect from hitting his head yesterday. Slightly bemused he looked again.

And again.

Was this just his imagination? It had to be – he had to be misreading Eric’s body language...

Only one way to find out.

“Hey, Eric?”


He waited until Eric had turned to face him and then kissed him.

It took Eric several heartbeats before pulling away and by then Quetzocoatyl was certain.

“You like me back, just as much as I like you.” He stated it as a fact and Eric’s blush gave him the answer he sought.

“I – I do not,” Eric stammered. His face flamed brilliantly. Quetzocoatyl ignored his denial and smiled smugly.

“You can’t hide it,” He purred with satisfaction. He gave Eric a quick peck on the cheek then dashed out the door saying, “I’ll see you in class.”

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