Moonlight Jam: Part 3

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Jocelyn P.O.V

I was backstage on line waiting to perform. Right now a girl named Erica Palino is performing. She sounded like a dying dolphin there's no way thatthe judges would pick her. I looked out in the crowd and saw a lot of people. My stomach felt as if it was tied into a knot. I looked into the crowd more and saw my mother and father. Suddenly the tied knot feeling in my stomach was gone. I felt relazed until I looked over to the judges table and saw the C.E.O of Hollywood Records along with 2 other judges. Oh crap... I better not mess up.

"Thank you Erica for that interesting performance. Now for our next performer please welcome Jocelyn Smith!" Mr.Goodwin said into the mic. The crowd applauded as I stepped onto the stage. I took the microphone and placed it onto the microphone stand.

"I will be singing a special song that I wrote. It's called "Never." They started to play the music and I started to sing:

"Outside it's pouring rain, as I watch you walk by outside my window. I see your smile glow. I run downstairs as fast as I can and take your hand and we danced.Our shadows glowing in the dark, We go run around in circles. You look at me and it light's up my heart. I'm hopin' this moment lasts forever you touch my face and tell me never..."

Rydel P.O.V

I was in line with Riker, Ross, Ratliff, and Rocky. I can't believe she's using my song! She is soo Ugh! I can't stand her. All I know is that with the song Rocky and I wrote she might actaully win.

"Rydel." Ratliff said. "Yes." I replied. "Isn't that the new song that you and Rocky wrote a few weeks ago?" He asked. "Umm... no." Rocky said. "No Rocky they deserve to know the truth. When I was acting like a mean girl to you guys Jocelyn forced me into writing her a song. If I didn't then one of you guys would've gotten hurt." I said.

"And when did this happen? What day?" Riker asked. "It was the day we had a family dinner with Melody's dad. When Rydel slapped you I had brought her outside and she explained stuff to me and I helped her write the song." Rocky said. "Well, that song is very good and she might actually win." Ross said. "Ross her song may sound great, but our song is better!" I cheered.

"Speaking of songs, Where's Melody?" Rocky asked. "Yeah where is she? Jordan told me he had everything set-up." I said. "I have no idea. She won;t answer any of my texts or calls. I don't think she's able to come." Ross said. "Well, at least Jocelyn may go to jail." I said. "Wait she's going to jail?" Ratliff asked.

"You'll find out soon. Because tonight all secrets will be revealed." I said in a mysterious voice. "You do realize we're not in a movie so you don't have to talk like that." Ratliff said. I gave him a look. "You do realize you're never going to grow a mustache. Right?" I asked. "Well Duh! Why do you think I have fake ones."

I rolled my eyes and looked back at Jocelyn who was still performing.

Joelle P.O.V

I was sitting in the bleachers with Jenna, Ryland, Jordan, and Katie. I've texted Melody multiple of times but she still hasn't answered. Even though Jenna was performing I didn't even bother to pay attetion.

"Guys, Melody won't answer her phone." I said worriedly. "I know. She won't pick up her phone either." Jenna said. "Guys something's wrong here." Katie said. "What is it?" I asked. "Wasn't Jocelyn supposed to be doing a duet with Kali?" Katie asked. "OMG! Your right! Where the hell is Kali?" Jenna exclaimed.

I looked over to Jordan who seemed nervous. "Jordan, you were with Ainsley last. Where is she?" I asked. "Uhh.. Okay you cannot yell at me when I tell you." He said. "Okay, fine." I said. "Ainsley is with Kali at the police station." "WHAT?!" We yelled. "You said you wouldn't yell at me!" He said.

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