Today is any other day for me. Im alone and just walking in the rain hoping that i will just die from some car accident or hit by lightning but that would be to big of a blessing for me so instead i just have to take in the pain and wait for that day to come and go. I wasnt always like this, but ever since That day  i havent been the same and never will be the same. i was Changed and people treat me like im Changed. That is something that will  NEVER Change.

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I Slowly walked down the streets in the rain until i spotted a boy. He was wearing sun glasses walking out of Starbucks, but i could see tears streaming down his face. He almost looked as sad as me which tells alot. He walked towards the street standing at the edge of the road looking at a truck coming down the street he was standing on the edge of. Suddenly I knew what he was doing. I dont know what come over me but i dropped my umbrella and ran and ran as fast as I could breathing heavily. I couldn't see someone die like that, and knowing that I could stop him from doing something he would end up regretting. My mom told me the day she died that if I saw something bad about to happen i should stop it, instead of letting that person suffer.


I was almost there, but he started walking in the street. He stopped in the middle of the street  and threw his glasses on the side walk, looked up, and closed his eyes waiting for the truck to hit him. I ran into the street hoping that i could save this boy,  but suddenly everything went black.




Liam, why do they write this kind of stuff about me? Harry, they are only doing this because who are the most popular of the group? But I didnt asked to be made fun of and seem like im a jerk. They say that i am doing drugs and that i am some boy who goes from girl to girl and only wants to get in their pants. Harry you arent like that, and you know that! Yeah, but the rest of the world doesnt and to them I am that boy that the blogs and articles say i am. NOBODY KNOWS THE TRUTH BUT THE PEOPLE THAT REALLY KNOW ME AND I AM SICK OF IT!  I am completly in sobs know. people make up these horrible things about me and i just cant take it anymore. 


Then the Lady in starbucks tells me and Liam are next. Liam goes up tell the lady what we want. I just decide to go and take a breath outside. Liam doesnt notice me get up and walk out. Millions of thing are going through my mind right now like " your worthless" , or "you must love all the ladies pants and cant get enought". i Start hitting my head with my fist to stop all the thought from ever coming in my head. But one thought stays in my head, and that thought is the worst one of them all. " If Harry was never in the band then the other boys wouldnt get as much hate." I am now broken. I am changed and the articles and blogs are right, if i wasnt in the band then they wouldnt have this much hate.


I have tears streaming down my face and I cant help but want to die. Then I look down the road and see a huge truck coming down the street im on. I suddenly know what i must do to stop from hurting the people I love and care about. I Slowly walk into the street and stop in the middle. If im not here, then the press will leave the boys alone, and they could be happy. I took in the sky and feel the water on the face. I take one last look at Liam and he is turning and now looking at me. He is running out of the store screaming at the top of his lungs and crying. I just kiss my finger tips and and put them towards him. I then close my eyes and know that soon everything will be okay and i can live with no pain.


I take one last breath, knowing it will be my last, and suddenly a force hits me and I  fall on the side walk but i realize that it wasnt as strong as a truck is was like a push. I open my eyes to see the most terrifying thing i can think of. i see the force that pushed me get hit by the truck with full force. I am screaming at the top of my lungs like Liam was, and I run into the street and see that the person who pushed me out of the way was a girl. I pick up her up and I know that she is going to die, but I dont give up hope, and get her on the sidewalk and push some hair out of her face. Wow. She was beautiful.


She was breathing very slowly and i quickly hear Liam kneel next to me. He is calling 911, while im  sobbing. Once again I have caused someone pain and she was going to die. I was so taken back that I was silently sobbing, and shaking my head, saying "Im sorry, im sorry, im so so sorry". She silently opens her eyes making me look up and look into her eyes. Her eyes were an emerald color that glistened in the rain. However they are filled with sadness and regret, not from me, but from something else. 


She wipes away some tears I had with her weak hand and tells me to "cheer up" because she wanted to die anyway. Why would she say something like that. No one should want to die. Then I remember how I had felt a couple of mintues ago, and realized she felt that way. I just shake my head, look into her in the eyes, and say the only thing I could say. "Im so sorry !". Then quickly her eyes close and breath is even slower.


Then I hear sirens going off and a peramedic take her and put her in the ambulance truck. If I wasn't so stupid, I would have never put that poor girls life in danger. What if she didnt push me out of the way. I would probably be dead, and I would regret everything. She saved me from making the biggest mistake of my life. I didnt even know her name. Now she might die, and I cant say it was an accident, because it wasnt.  



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