Sometimes you think what happens if you already have the best thing. Well your not the one Everyone does when i look across the room and see all the wondefull people i know and am close with. For instance I'm too lucky to be with Zayn i mean he's ZAYN FREKIN MALIK!!!! and all my friends Lou,Liam, Niall, Harry. So i had to ask Zayn are you sure you want to be with me because something could change that. He looks at me with a blank stare and graps my hair and says" No one could ever tell make me thing that i dont wanna be you" I couldnt bieleve this could work. So i nervously stepped closer to him and looked in his deep brown eyes " Babe i love you so i have to tell you this, Remeber the other night when were drunk and you and I well you know did stuff, well i wasnt on he pill and NOW I'm PREGGO!!! His face dropped and he got 2 inches from my lips and started kissing me i was shocked i pulled away and your alright. " Baby im the best i have ever been"

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