It had been a really long day and I couldn't seem to stand a second of it. The bell rang and I glanced up at the clock thinking the school day would be over but, sadly I was wrong. The time told me it was time for lunch. Great! 

I gathered my books and opened my mouth to speak but, forgetting like always I clamped it shut. American History was an elective and the only class that Audrey and I didn't have together only because she hated it and I loved it. We were complete opposites. She had short auburn hair and vibrant grey eyes compared to my dull ones. She was full of life and I had to be the mature one and put her in check. Audrey had freckles that kissed the apples of her cheeks something she hated about herself but I found absolutely adorable. I walked out of class last, trying to shove my books into my bag that was nearly falling apart. I was unorganized. A mess and yet with all this clutter I've managed to ace in all of my classes. Hum, I wonder how that worked out..

I darted down the hallways in the direction of my locker. The semi-silence of the hallways indicated everyone was either in the cafe or was heading to their next period class. I wasn't looking were I was going and that was my mistake as I found myself colliding with someone. I fell straight onto my bottom with my papers scattered everywhere. Lovely! 

I dared to look up to be astounded by a pair of soft hazel eyes. I gasped unknowingly. It was him and he didn't look too pleased as he was now crouched at my level. He had a scowl on his face as he stared at me. My breath hitched as I stared at him for the longest time. I took the time to take in his appearance. Pouty pink lips, a squared strong jawline and thick tamed brows that were perched up in questioning. His eyes sparkled with interest as I couldn't find myself to look away. My wolf grumbled and I ignored it. 

"I'm s-sorry." I stuttered with a hand pressed on my forehead. For some reason I was starting to get this headache that didn't seem to subside. The pounding in my temples made me groan inwards. 

"You might want to watch where you're going." He muttered low and seductively. Oh my god. My hands were clenched into fists as I took a giant swallow before nodding at his command. He studied my current fix and I held my breath. His eyes were narrowed as they fell on the giant mess I had left behind. Graded papers with bright red A's and a couple B+'s were sprawled on the ground. Handouts, crumpled balls of notes and candy wrappers were all spread out for my mate to see and laugh. I thanked god that my sanitary pads weren't tossed out for his eyes to take in. He looked slightly amused but hid it so well leaving me to wonder. He just sighed deeply and stared at my tattered knapsack. 

"And I might also think about investing in a new backpack." He grumbled. I looked at him in awe as he slowly got up and walked away leaving me to die with happiness. I watched him walk away and disappear around the corner. He was so mysterious. So composed. In many ways it intrigued me. But something struck me and that was he had talked to me! It was the first time I had heard his soothing voice and god did he sound so sexy. So heavenly almost.

I collected myself together and crawled up to my feet. I slowly picked up each of my accomplishments and carelessly shoved it into my bag. I looked at the bag and he was right it was about time I got a new one. But this bag was given to me by my mom and it had a lot of sentimental value. I sighed as I kept jamming in my papers until my bag wasn't able to close shut. I dusted my pants off and then sucked in a deep breath before walking over to my locker. I shoved my entire bag into the locker and grabbed my lunch money. In the corner of my eye I noticed a picture of my mom and I plastered on the locker door. I softly smiled at the photo that tugged at my heart. Ma died when I was only 3. She left without telling us but then again what was there to say. She had lung cancer for the longest of time and never told us only because we (my brother and I) were too young to understand at the time. I mean she couldn't be like "Hey kids I have cancer! Let's go celebrate." No. Just like the cancer the idea of not being able to tell her children ate her up alive and eventually led to her peaceful death. What bothered me the most was the unfairness of cancer. How it was so cruel. Mean. Agonizing. It brought out the ugly side of my mom as she would always cry herself to sleep every night leading up to her death. I didn't get it really. Why was her life taken away? Again I was so young to understand that it hurt. In the end my mom's departure left my dad devastated, and my brother and I broken beyond repair. 

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