Step four : the house party

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Ella and I arrived at the parking lot, it is for all the beach houses together

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Ella and I arrived at the parking lot, it is for all the beach houses together.
We were pretty much silent the whole way home in the bus.

As we approach the front door to the house I stay in, we can already hear the music playing from the inside. It is so loud you can even feel the bass vibrate underneath your feet.

Ella gives me a suprised look as we walk in.
I just hope the boys won't mess this up, this party isn't supposed to be fun but it should be
enlightening for Ella. It has to show her that I am worth it, that she sould get to know me.

Unfortunately the scene we walk in is nothing like I imagined it to be. Theo and Carter are half naked, dancing on the table in the kitchen, both of them holding banana peels in their hands while they scream like apes.

Evan and Finn are beside the stairs shaking the drinks while wobbling with their ass like there is no tomorrow, singing along to the song 'hit me baby one more time' by Brithney Spears.
Every single one of them over-mimicking the lyrics. I think I've never seen so many stupid faces in one evening.

My eyes widen as I observe the scene that is happening in front of me, in front of Ella.
I look at Ella and I can't make out what her eyes want to say. She looks at them like she can't really make sense of all this. At least she gives away a little smirk.

I take a step in and I feel a hand pull me to the side.
" Hey Brandiii, I wmisssshd youhh hihihi"
Hillary is saying and I'm guessing she's really drunk because she giggles right in my face and I smell wodka and jack daniels.

" You were awayy see whole day and I sought something ghaaappnet to yaa babyyy lol"
she continues, barely able to look me straight in the eyes without her eyes slipping away in both ways, right and left. To be honest this really looks funny.

"Hillary I don't have time for this right now, please go to the other barby chicks and do something, just be you, that should be enough." I tell her while frowning.
I pull my hand away from her to get back to Ella.

Where is she? She disappeared.

"Ella!!" I scream through the music but oh wonder she can't hear me. I barely hear myself.

I look at the room and except from Theo, Evan and Carter I can't see a face I know.
There are some other girls dancing in the middle of the room with boys I've also never seen in my life but who cares? Right?
I can't hide my amusement though when I see Evan and Emily dancing. Emily is shaking her ass like she wants to win a price and Evan is robbing his ass against Emily, shouldn't it be the other way around? He can be so pathetic.
A smirk escapes my mouth.

Brandon stop, now is not the time, you have to find Ella before she will be scared away for the rest of her life! But where could she be?
Where is Finn?
Oh no, no, no, no...?!? pls don't tell me he's with Ella.

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