14. This Cant Happen

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"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Liam, Louis, Harry, and Zayn all yelled barging into my room. I woke up and rubbed my eyes. I woke up into Nialls chest and being held in his arms. That was a great way to start my birthday. 

"WHAT THE FUCK!" Niall screamed. He wasnt a morning person. I looked up and smiled. Harry and Zayn seemed to be getting along better, knoing i was out of the picture. 

"Theres a surprise for you downstairs." Liam said, Smiling and motioning me to the door. I was wondering what he was talking about. I was kind of scared though. I got up and walked passed the boys, who were smiling cheekily at me. I walked cautionaly out the door. I slowly went down the stairs and looked up into the kitchen. I heard the boys behing me, following me. 

"OH MY GOSH WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING HERE!" I screamed, running up to Eleanor and Danielle,  Hugging them. These two girls were my best friends. I havnt seen them in like a whole year so it was amazing to finally see them again. It truely was.

"You really thought we wwould miss you birthday love?" Eleanor said, hugging me back. 

"Not for the world dear!" Danielle said, hugging me as well.

"I missed you guys so much you have no idea." I said, still in their arms. 

"We missed you too!" Danielle said. 

"I have SOO much to tell you guys!" I said, letting go of the hug.

"I think we know SOME of it." Eleanor said, winking at Louis. I whipped my head back to Louis, who had a guilty look on his face.

"Thanks Louis." I said, laughing. Nothing was going to bring me down today. It was my birthday and i had my two best friends with me.

"We made you a Birthday breakfast!" Zayn said, flaling his arms for dramatic effect. I smiled and went up to him, giving him a hug.

"Thanks Zayn" He hugged back and whispered your welcome. I really did miss him. I let go of the hug and hugged all the other boys. I went up to Harry last and he was just standing there smiling down at me. I dont know why, Maybe that adorable smile, those green eyes, that cloud of a hair, it just made me tingle inside. I went closer to him and hugged him around the chest. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my head, that made me smile hardcore. I let go of the hug. He grabbed my hand and it slipped away as i was walking away. I still want him.

We all sat down and ate our breakfats. Me, Danielle, and Eleanor all ate in a different room, for some alone time. '

"So, how was Harry?" Danielle asked.

"Really?" I said laughing. Eleanor laughed at Danielle.

"But how were they both?" Eleanor said.

"ELEANOR! I never knew you were like that?" I said, her personality today was quite funny.

"Why do you think it takes me and Louis so long to 'get ready' In the morning." She put air quotes around 'get ready' and winked.

"EW ELEANOR!" I set my fork on my plate and pushed it away. she started laughing.

"Well, there goes my apetite." Danielle added and pushed hers away too.

"I was done anyway." Eleanor said, taking our plates into the kitchen.

"You never answered my question you know." Danielle said, scooting closer to me.

"They were... Okay." I said, tilting my head to the side. acting like i wasnt amused.

"Oh please! I know you enjoyed it! I saw how you looked at them.!" Danielle said, not believing a word i said.

"They were... It was just so amazing!!" I said, falling into my seat. I felt like i was fangirling over them, honestly. Danielle laughed. We both got up and went into the other room. Eleanor was on the couch on Louis lap. Harry and Zayn were sitting together on the smaller couch, Niall was sitting next to an open seat, Liam was as well. I took the seat next to Niall and Danielle took the seat next to Liam.

"So, our plans today for you are... You go get ready, come down and were going to take you to the best place in the whole world." Liam said. I rolled my eyes smiling.

"Just tell me where, you know i hate surprises!" I said. Liam shook his head and i grunted I got up and started walking upstairs.

"Danielle Eleanor, come with me." I said, waiting for them to come. They both perked up and took my hands, running upstairs. We got into my room and Danielle shut the door. Eleanor was already in my closet.

"I alredy know the outfit your wearing." Eleanor said, finding it. I laughed and Danielle was looking for the shoes i was going to wear.

"Im going to wash up." I said, leaving to go to the bathroom, they both waved their hands, focusing on finding the things they needed. I laughed and went into the bathroom. I washed my face a brushed my teeth. I hoped into the shower. While i was in the shower.... I thought, I was 2 days late for my monthly. I quickly got out of the shower and ran down the hall in a towel. I swung my door open and slammed it shut. Eleanor and Danielle were both holding stuff up.

"Guys im in deep shit." I said, with panic in my eyes. They both dropped the stuff and sat down next to me.

"So, Im 2 days behind on my monthly..." I said, worried.

"So?" Danielle said. "Im late sometimes." She added.

"Yeah but you dont understand. The sex i had... was unprotected. I didnt even think about that." I said, almost crying. their mouths dropped. I was so worried at this point.

"Okay, dont panic. I run up to that mini mart up the street and get you a test, okay?" She said, pulling me in for a hug. I nodded and she ran out the door. Danielle was rubbing my arm in comfort. 

"It will be fine. You probably arent. dont worry." She said trying to somfort me. I smiled and got up to go finish washing up.

By the time i was done, Eleanor came back and ran straight upstairs before the boys could ask any questions. she ran into the bathroom and gave it to me. Before she could leave I stopped her.

"Wait, eleanor?" I said. she nodded and shut the door.

"Is it... bad i kind of want to be?" I said, taking the test out of the box. 

"No of course not! I want to be too! were just not ready. If you are, Be grateful!" she said so sweetly. I loved her so much.

"Thanks." I said smiling. she rubbed my arm and walked out of the bathroom. I was about to take my test and then i thought. I really really wanted it to be positive. Like really really bad. I finished taking the test and set it down. I went back into my bedroom to get dressed. Eleanor and Danielle picked out my outfit pretty damn well. 

"ITS BEEN 10 MINUTES!" Danielle said, super excited. I ran out of my room and into the bathroom.There was the test, Just sitting there. 

I walked in slowly and Danielle and Eleanor were both outside of the bathroom, Nervous.

I grabbed my test and looked at it.

Well fuck.

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