"We are now landing at Daytona Beach International Airport, Thank you for flying Delta Airlines. Enjoy the rest of your days."

Oh gosh. This moment right now.

Is probably the best moment of my life! I'm so glad we are finally landing! And no I'm not excited to be here or see Aunt Cindy I'm just excited to be getting away from the lady I've been sitting by for HOURS!!

I mean how much can one person talk? Seriously I know more about her life than I know about my own cat!

As I was walking to get my luggage my phone was recieveing a million texts from being off, some from my mom and others from Luke my bestfriend back home. I was so invovled with my phone I wasn't watching where I was walking Until I came in contact with something hard and human like and fell backwards on my ass.

"Oof, oww what the hell!" I said a little louder than I should have

"I'm sorry didnt see you there" said the stranger while reaching out his hand to help me up

But me being stubborn like always, refused to take it "Next time watch where you're going asshole!" When I stood up I looked up towards the person to be greeted by the most gorgeous pair of cyrstal blue eyes

"Again I'm sorry didn't see you there... Am I really an asshole?"

I was literally stunned, I was speechless this guy this really cute guy was standing in front of me and I just called him an asshole. What do I do? What do I say?

"Umm I... uhh sorry?" he looked at me for a bit like if he was trying to read me and then out of no where he smirked? 

"I'm Nicholas.. Nicholas Miles and you are?"

Why the sudden change in moods? He had a confident look on his face now almost like he could tell I was stunned by his presence. So I did what I do best I gave him a challenged.

"That's for you to wonder and for me to keep to myself" I told him as I walked away towards the luggage.

"So that's it? No name?" Wow. He actually followed me 

"Look Here Mr. Niles was it?"

"Miles" he said quickily

"Well whatever same thing, If we meet again in the near future maybe, just maybe I'll tell you. But for now I have to go" I walked away from him luggage in both hands confidently swinging my hips from side to side. Well I'm beginning to like it here so far.

But where the hell is my Aunt Cindy?


Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed it please let me know what you think

Vanessa Nicole<3

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