Accidents can take away everything

            “You are the best sister in the world! Tickets to the Black Hawks hockey game!” Alex exclaims.

            We are one our way to the game now, all they boys and Em ride with me. We follow behind Mom, Dad, Jake and Lucus who ride in the SUV.

            “Hey! I am the best sister!” Em cries.

            “No way! You heard the man, I’m the best sister!” I tell her hitting him on the arm.

            Dad pulls into a gas station and I follow him and get out, leaving the others in the car.

            “You guys go ahead, you know the way.” Dad says.

            “Okay,” I say nodding, smiling at Jake who sits in the backseat.

            I get back into my car and we blast the radio the rest of the way to the stadium. When we get there we wait out by the car for Mom and the others but they don’t show up. They others beg me to go in, saying Mom and the others probably couldn’t find us so they went ahead inside.

            We go in and get snacks before settling down into our seats, and like I though, Mom and them weren’t there.

            We wait for them though, me glancing nervously at the exits, waiting for them to come in. but they don’t. I begin to get worried and jump when my cell phone rings. Without looking at the number I answer it.


            “Is this Taylor Clemets?” they say.

            “Yes, who is this?”

            “There has been an accident…” he doesn’t even have to finish before I jump from my seat, spilling popcorn all over the couple in front of me who turn around and glare at me.

            “Tay?” Em says standing.

            “Guys, there’s been a accident. Let’s go!” I say quickly before running out of the stadium and to our car.


            We all run through the parking lot and into the hospital and to the front desk.

            “Our family were brought in earlier today, Remold’s.” I say breathlessly.

            The woman looks through the file and smile sadly to me.

            “I’ll ring the doctor.” Is all she tells me.

            My heart clenches and soon a younger man walks through the hall and comes to us.

            “Maybe you all should take a seat.”

            “Just tell us that their okay.” I whisper.

            “I’m afraid I would be lying.” He says gently. “Your mother is awake now, although she is in bit of a shock. Your brother took a beating but other than that he is okay, your fiancé is in the ICU.”

            “And our Father?” Alex says, his voice straining for what he is about to hear.

            “Your father passed away on the scene of the accident.” He says softly and tear stream from my eyes.

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