Chapter 10.

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___Niall woke up groggily, yet again, unsure of his surroundings. But when he blinked his eyes a few times and the room came to focus, he found he was in his teacher’s bedroom. Again. Nialls heart hammered hard against his chest as horrible thoughts swam round his brain. He remembered being drunk, but that's it. Had he hooked up with his teacher? No. Liam wouldn't have allowed it, he was sure of it.

He looked at the bright red digits on his teacher’s alarm clock that fuzzed before him. 11. 31 Am. He was still pretty knackered and all this thinking has given him an even bigger headache than before and the bed he was always extremely comfortable and warm. He supposed another couple of hours of sleep wouldn't hurt. Feeling at ease and peace, Niall rested head back down on his teacher’s cosy pillow and fell asleep almost instantly despite his killer headache.

When he finally did wake again, it was half an hour after noon. Two hours extra sleep. That wasn't bad, was it? Niall could've slept in his teacher’s bed all day but he slid his feet over the edge, when something on the nightstand caught his eye. It looked like Liam had come in while he was asleep; two paracetomals lay at the edge of the table, next to a full glass of water. Silently thanking his teacher, he took the paracetomal and threw his head back, taking a large gulp of water.

He looked down at himself and he realised that he was only in a pair of boxers. Frantically, he looked round for any fresh clothes and found a pair of grey sweats and an oversized white t-shirt at the bottom of the bed. Silently thanking his teacher again, he trudged over to the edge of his bed and pulled on the sweats and t-shirt. They were both a bit large considering it was Liam but they were comfy and that was the main thing.

He slipped out Liam’s bedroom and crept downstairs, only to be greeted by the sound of someone sobbing. He reached the landing and found Liam sitting on the sofa, his head bowed with his body slouched as it trembled with drastic, raspy sobs. Nialls heart sank. He'd never seen a teacher cry before. It was even worse knowing that it was Liam. The Liam. The Liam who had tried to help him through all his troubles, the Liam who had taken care of him when he was hurt, the Liam that was so brave with everything. How could he cry? Seeing Liam cry was like seeing a little puppy whimper. So you could imagine how heart-breaking Niall felt, watching him cry like that.

Silently, he moved toward Liam and perched himself on the sofa, quite close to Liam but unsure of what to do. He knew for a fact that he didn't want to blether to Liam, he didn't want to make Liam uncomfortable by asking him silly questions about what had happened, or why he was crying. He didn't want to make him cry anymore. So, very awkwardly and ignoring his pounding headache, he scooted closet to his teacher and wrapped his arm around his teachers strong and firm body, pulling him closer so that Liam’s head was now resting on his chest.

He didn’t bother questioning Liam what had happened. He didn’t want to sound nosy and Liam was clearly incapable of talking anyway. He decided Liam could talk when he wants to. So he sat awkwardly in silence, trying to sooth and comfort Liam as much as possible and soon, his tears became silent and he quietened down. When he finally did talk, Liam said “Danielle and I had our first fight.”

Niall was unsure of what to say. Because to him, he thought Liam and Danielle were not the sort of people who would fight as the last time he had saw them, they had been squealing and laughing at each other. “I’m sorry.” was all Niall could sympathise, breathing out on Liam’s hair.

There was a sudden knock on the door and Niall went up to get it as Liam seemed to never have heard it. He put on a cheery face to show that nothing was wrong but when he opened the door, his face fell. It was Danielle. “So he told you then?” she asked Niall sadly, reading his sudden change of expression. Niall could do nothing but nod.

Danielle sighed, looking confused and unsure of what to do. Then a horrible thought occurred to Niall. What if the fight had been about him? About their kiss. “Did you know about us?” Niall croaked without thinking. Danielle hesitated slightly then nodded. “Liam told me. He’s honest.” she shrugged, staring way too hard at her shoes for Nialls liking.

“I’m sorry…if that’s what I did to you guys. I didn’t mean for that to happen.” Niall said honestly. Danielle looked up. “Not everything’s about you, Niall…but thank you. You’re forgiven.” Danielle said, a little harshly. Niall didn’t mind though. He deserved it anyway.

“Did you come for something?” Niall asked, changing the subject. Danielle gave a weak chuckle. “I was just coming over to apologise, but…it doesn’t matter. Liam already looks occupied.” Danielle added, nodding toward Niall when he was about to protested and winked at him. Niall could feel his cheeks reddening. “So…have you guys split up?” Niall asked, trying hard not to sound hopeful.

Danielle smirked. “You don’t have to worry about me anymore. Just take care of Liam.” she added with a smile. Niall gave her a puzzled look. “I know, Niall.” she smirked helplessly. “Niall. Liam looks at you in a way he’s never looked at me before. Even I know that and I was his girlfriend.” she explained, shaking her head playfully in disbelief.

Niall was still lost. Liam looked at Niall in a special way? But how? Niall was just his student. Maybe that was it. Because he was his student. Yeah, that’d be it. But even to Niall, that idea seemed ridiculous. Niall brushed the thought away. Danielle was about to turn on her heal when Niall caught her by the wrist. “Please, don’t tell anybody about us. I don’t want to ruin Liam’s job.” Niall said desperately.

Danielle gave him a pure, genuine smile. “Don’t worry. Your secret’s safe with me.” she said simply and walked down the path.

Sighing with relief, Niall headed back into Liam’s house and sat back down next to Liam. He was still in the same position he was in when he had left him. His body slouched, his head bowed. The only difference was that he was no longer crying. Which was a good thing, Niall guessed. “She split up with me, didn’t she?” Liam asked suddenly. How Liam knew that, he’ll never know. He was just thankful that Niall didn’t have to explain what had happened. He could do nothing but tell the truth. “Yeah.”

Niall was afraid that Liam would burst into a fit of tears again but his astonishment, he didn’t. Instead, Liam said the words that Niall was afraid he’d never hear his teacher say.

“Maybe I could start tutoring you again.”


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