Niall's POV:

i ran to her as fast as i could. this is the first time i had heard her upset and it broke my heart.  i reached to to shelter and saw her sitting down, crying her eyes out. i knew somthing was wrong and that tristan and her were no longer friends.  i ran up to her wrapping my arms around her.

"don't cry" i told her wiping off her tears "do you ant to tell me whats wrong?" i asked her, desprate to know.

"i-i'm fine, w-we, just had a-a argument. can we just g-go, please?" she said getting up

"sure" i told her leading back to the car. i did'nt want to ask anymore questions becasue it might have mae her more upset, she'll tell me when she's reay to talk  i thought to my self.


we got back home, the jorney was silent. you couldn't hear anything. this was really unsual for me as the boys were all ways up to no good and being loud but on the way back everyone was silent, motionless and the worst part about it was that i think that it's all my fault.

niall open my door letting me out, he walked me back to my home as the boys went back to Harry's.

i opened the door and went into the house.

"niall, i need to talk to you" i told him walking in

"sure" he said following behind me "what's up? are you reay to tell me now?" he said hugging me

"niall.." i said walking away from his hug "i-i..." i couldn't say it, i could feel a lump in my througt. i need to do this, for tristan. i told my self. "niall, we can't be together anymore" i blurted out.

"what?" niall said shocked getting up

"i-i'm sorry" i cried

"why, i thought that we were good together, today went great before everyhting turned upside down and, and i love you" he said, his eyes were filled with water as same as mine

i have to do this, it's the right thing to do. i told my self...

"niall, i don't love you. i don't feel the same way. you're just a friend to me, you can't be anything else. i realised that toay. today was great but we don't belong together. it's, it's just not right." i told him looking away, it was all silent, again. i turnedd around to see niall's eyes all red with tears falling down his face. "i-i'm sorry, niall but we're over" i told him.

i could feel my heart full of pain as i said every word to him. i looked at him once more and i couldn't take it so i ran upstairs leaving him to show himself out of the door. this was horible, seeing him like that was horible, making him fell like that made me horible. i am horible person. i can't believe i just did that. i felt horible.


i stood there, i did'nt know what to do. she had just left me, she didn't love me, she just wanted to be friends, she'd dumped me, she dosn't feel the same way i thought crying myeyes out. i walked outside back to the house, thinking about what she had just said...

"i don't love you. i don't feel the same way. you're just a friend to me, you can't be anything else" kept echoing in my head. tears streamed down my face as i crossed the road. suddenly some bright lights shined beside me, i turned to see a car aproching me as it sounded it's horn. . .


it was a weird day, everyone was quite after seeing shamima upset. we all just chilled sitting in the living room. it was silent, noone spoke. we just listened to the traffic. we all jumped at a car sounding it's horn, followed by people shouting. 

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