you will see

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dont try to fight this.

dont even want to know what day or night is.

if a heart is dead or still alive, dont care.

dont care at all, if u come back and no room is there.

dont want to love some one, dont take a chance.

dont defend your self, dont make a stance.

refuse to move there, never stay to long.

and if you raise your voice, dont let it be in song.

dont run to fast to save a life.

and never flinch when you feel the knife.

dont ever cheer up an upset person.

and if some one is wounded just let it worsen.

dont care about the important things.

dont feel the hurt when you know it stings.

dont love somthing that isnt coming.

dont hear the happy of some one humming.

dont do anything and you will see.

you havent been alive yet and your sure not free.

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