Chapter 11: Warped Pleasure

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Beyond Our Titles (Sequel to The Alpha's Omega) [Boy/Boy]: Chapter 11: Warped Pleasure

Lauren's POV

               I slunk back into the house, my whole body numb - physically and emotionally. Pyro walked into the room, the soles of his bare feet lightly padding against the stone flooring. He stopped short of me, "Damn Lauren, who did you piss off?" 

"What are you talking about?" I looked up to him, his slim body was clad in nothing but a simple pair of dark skinny jeans and a white belt that wrapped around his waist twice. Bruises in the shape of hands decorated his biceps, stark against his pale skin. "Who did I piss off, who did you piss off?" Well, this was Pyro and I'm pretty sure he's pissed off more than his fair share. 

He slightly shook his head. "These aren't from me, they're from you...You went to see that Shifter - didn't you?" His tone went from relaxed to possessive within seconds and it caused my heart to beat a little faster. My hands came up to rub the throbbing bruises as I once again sunk back down to the ground. "Hey, come here." Pyro wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close, my exhausted muscles objecting. "You've got me - you don't need anyone else." His smile was genuine and I honestly felt safe here with him. He loved me and I loved matter what we went through - I knew how he felt now. 

               If only that were true. I love Pyro and I don't regret bonding with him but Jay still held the majority of my heart and I knew that the piece that belonged to Jay would never belong to him. That's what saddened me because Pyro deserved someone that could love him whole heartedly and without hesitation or second thoughts. 

               Pyro's lips crashed onto mine as we eagerly slipped off the remnants of our clothing. Chains and buckles clinked together as they fell into heaps on the floor. He grinded against me, his member ready and for once, I was ready as well. I wasn't scared...I was excited to give myself to my partner; I was ready to start a new life with Pyro now that I was once again out casted by Jay. His hands traced my side, his nails slightly scrapping across my skin, leaving small red marks behind. It didn't hurt but rather sent an array of bliss that caused me to jump.  

               He smirked, the emotion seeming to be perfect on his angled face. "You want me, babe?" He asked, his hand caressing my dick and tugging at it gently. I smirked myself, moving to kiss his lips. They were soft and all mine. My kisses trailed down his neck and over his chest, pausing long enough to play with his hardening nipple. He slightly whimpered as my teeth closed around it, hard enough to get a reaction but soft enough to not cause any real pain. Pyro's hand pumped me harder as he forced me to lay back. He moved to straddle my hips and leaned down, my hands playing in his hair while he worked over my hole with his fingers. He started with one and waited until I was stretched enough to enter another.  

               At first, the new sensation was extremely uncomfortable but began to feel better as I relaxed. He moved in and out of me, eventually adding a third finger. I was shaking with a sheer layer of sweat sticking to my body. It was a mixture of fear and anticipation. I had never done this before and Pyro seemed to be experienced...  

               "Are you ready?" He asked, his hand pumping himself back to full attention. I took in a breath before shaking my head. I was going to give my all to him and I would have no regrets. I love Pyro and Pyro is my future. He is my everything.  

               His hands caught my legs under my knees and forced them up toward my head, giving him easy access. He slowly entered, his tip resting at my opening for a moment before gently pushing inside me. The feeling of him within me was strange and I was suddenly thankful for his prior finger play. He pushed in deeper and let out a guttural moan, his lips parting slightly. He looked so fucking hot right now.  

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