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"Well, that was pretty good singing," the reporter said. Puh-lease. She wasn't even paying attention. Then again, neither was I. Shut up, brain! Now watch TV!

"Truly brilliant," Liam said.

"We really love her." -Zayn.

'I'm her biggest fan!" -Louis.

"I love the way her curls are, beautiful voice too." -Harry.

"She's such a talented singer, and on top of that, she's lovely and very fun." -Niall.

I took in what the boys said about me. Okay, I can see that I'm a great singer, but I am NOT, and I repeat am NOT a great enough singer to have One Direction compliment me and want to personally know me and see who I am.

Oh, that's right, they don't.

They wanna see Little Miss Me, the girl who uses my voice, not the person underneath her. But, either way, this is TOO big a secret to reveal, if I meet them, it'll be because I'm meeting them. Me, Victoria. Not Little Miss Me. She can't meet them and I won't let her. And besides, I'm sure that this'll all pass in 2 weeks, and my secret fame will be over.

"Would you want to meet her so much that you would have people track her down for you?" the reporter asked, now making googly eyes at Niall. Okay, I'm so gonna mentally kill her. *Mentally kills* How am I not in a mental hospital, yet?

"Um, probably not, I mean, that would be a bit too far. We wouldn't like it if someone was tracking us down and then revealing a big secret," Liam responded. Good Liam. Thank you for reading my mind even though you have no idea who I am and have no idea I exist.

"Well, we would, we're gonna have people track her down and reveal who she is. Then I'll get the biggest raise ever, and rule this place like I should!' the reporter said, she whispered that last part to herself, so no one heard her. But, I have the ears of a bat, so I clearly heard her.

"Trust me, by the end of next week, she'll be known as, whatever her name is, not this cruddy name, what is it again? Tiny Kiss You?" she said. Oh, HEEEECK no, honey.

"It's Little Miss Me." Zayn corrected.

"And excuuuuse you?" Louis said. Oh, no. crap's about to go down. "Little Miss Me is not a cruddy name and whatever her actual name is, I bet it's beautiful. Unlike your personality. I bet she's sweet and down to Earth, and you can't judge someone you don't know. We don't know who she is, but do you see us judging her? Heck no, girl-friend. We're not judging her, in fact, we're complimenting her, something that you can only do to yourself. Judging someone doesn't define who they are. It defines who you are. A selfish and conceited person," Louis shot at her while getting up from his seat. When they say a picture's worth a thousand words, this one must be worth--well, priceless. She didn't see that comin'.

Looks like the sass masta from Doncasta is sticking up for Little Miss Me.

"Oh, you said what now?" the reporter asked, trying to keep her fake smile on but failing miserably.

"I said, 'Little Miss Me is not a cruddy name and whatever her actual name is, I bet it's beautiful. Unlike your--'"

That was all Louis said before the reporter charged against him and the crowd started getting really loud with screams coming from all over. The rest of the boys except for Liam, who was getting security--most likely Paul--were trying to get the reporter off of Louis who wasn't even fighting back. He, being the gentle one he is, just relaxed and wouldn't let her pin him down and trying to get her off of him as well.

When they finally managed to get her off of him, which took about 10 minutes--dang the girl has anger issues...and an ego-- they just walked out of the studio and left the reporter there, stunned.

If looks could kill, everyone in the audience and people watching at home, like me, would all be dead.

"Find out who that little girl is and get her on here!!!!!" she started screaming at random people who sprinted towards all computers and phones like they're life depended on it. Oh, wait--it did.

"This is ALL her fault," she said again. Whatever stops the tears, doll. Oh, gosh my southern friends are getting to me. I need to get back to CA, where I was originally born.

Whatever, I got bigger things to worry about. They're not going to stop until they find me.

"Melanie!!!!!!!" shouted a big guy in a fancy suit. I'm guessing that's her boss.

"Yes, Mr. Smith?" she asked politely. Word-I-Can't-Say, please.

'You're fired!" he shouted at her. I guess that was her boss.

"What? You can't fire me! I'm head reporter! This is all that little idiot's fault!" she said back. Great. More crap's gonna go down.

"I just did, not anymore, and it's your own fault. We're also NOT going to track down that little girl. She need her space and privacy. This would be too much for her and I'm sure she doesn't wish to be revealed." he told her. I like this Mr. Smith guy. He's pretty cool and respects little gir-hey, I'm not THAT little!

Oh, who am I kidding? I fit inside a cabinet, have the energy of a five-year-old, and I'm afraid of getting old.

I came back into reality just to see the reporter's face going bright red and storming out of the studio mumbling about how this was all Little Miss Me's fault.

So worth watching, I thought as I turned the TV off and went back to my phone.

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