After Vivaldi had left, Alice remained in the library reading to get her mind off things. Boris went downstairs to check the mail. Nothing came, which distressed him a bit. He was bored out of his mind as he waited for the Hatter to make the next move. Boris wished he wasn’t the one being hunted. Patiently stalking, he loved. Patiently waiting for a sign of danger, not so much.

As Boris lounged on the couch, wondering if he was crazy and bored enough to do some chores, a knock came at the door. Excited, he leaped off the couch and bounded to the door. As he opened it, he revealed the Bloody Twins, tired from running. Almost wondering if Madson had sent them, he grinned, still glad to see them.

“Hey, you two. What brings you here?” Boris greeted as he allowed them in the house.

“Running from Chickie Rabbit. He and the boss had a huge fight, and then he caught us while we weren’t on duty,” Dee explained, panting as Boris closed the door.

“Usually we wouldn’t care if he found us, but they were both in a bad mood,” Dum continued as they entered the front room. Boris bit his lip, hoping that they didn’t lead the angry hare here.

“Did he chase you at all?” Boris ventured, worried about Alice and their new home.

“No, he didn’t,” Dee replied as the twins both crashed on the sofa.

“Elliot just screamed at us before storming off somewhere,” Dum complained as he sat up.

“We’re not sure where he went, but  we’ve never seen him that angry before,” Dee shrugged as the other twin shuddered with memory.

“Well, you’re always welcome here,” Boris smiled as sat on an armchair across from them. The Bloody Twins grinned, happy that they knew Boris. “Did you hear any of the argument?”

“A bit,” Dee realized as he looked at his brother.

“Something about how the Lady will never see it coming, but Elliot was against the idea,” Dum explained as Boris connected the dots.

“At that point we left and went to look for mushrooms and such. We didn’t want to get caught up in the middle of it,” Dee added.

“I understand. I’m surprised that Elliot and Madson didn’t end up killing each other,” Boris mentioned as the twins shook their heads in confusion.

“No, they’re like brothers. Even if they had an argument, they know that they wouldn’t get far without each other. The two together are crucial for business,” Dum explained as Boris nodded, relieved to have Elliot on his side. Alice came downstairs and stood in the doorway.

“I thought I heard a knock at the door,” she laughed as the Bloody Twins ran up to her for hugs. She giggled as she hugged them back, making Boris grin at the cute scene.

“It’s so nice to see the Lady again,” Dum muttered, at ease with her presence. Dee nodded as they hung on her hips. Alice shook her head, at a loss for words. Boris stood up as they let Alice go again.

“You never come to mansion anymore to come play with us,” Dee complained, looking up at Alice. She shrugged, smiling weakly.

“I wouldn’t have to if you two kept coming over here. It’s not like either of you work all the time,” Alice pointed out, happy to finally have a place to entertain again. The twins lit up at the offer and nodded their heads.

“We’ll definitely come over more often,” they both cheered in unison as they jumped for joy.

“Are you two hungry? I actually came down to make something to eat,” Alice asked as the Twins and Boris followed her into the kitchen.

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