Chapter 2

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Ali POV 

*3 months later* 

Harry Styles: Hey! :) xx 

Ali: Hey! Long time no hear :) missed you. xo 

Harry Styles: I know. Sorry 'bout that, love. Miss you too. Was caught up recording.  

Ali: It's okay, Haz. Whatcha doin'? xo 

Harry Styles: Nothing. Louis acting crazy. Lol. He just tripped over a carrot. What about you? 

Ali: Lol. And nothing. Feeling bored. Wanna come over? 

Harry Styles: Sure. Be there in 10.  

I smiled to myself, and thought back to that fateful day. After the concert, Harry and I kept in touch. We always texted and sometimes Skyped. Sari was also happy. She and I were officially One Direction's best friends now.  

I heard the doorbell, and walked over to open it. There was Harry, all dimples. "Hey, Haz-Bear," I said, smiling. "What's up, Alisome." I held the door open, and he walked in. "So... How've you been?" he asked. "I thought I told you on Kik ten minutes ago?" I joked. "Yeah. So what do you wanna do now?" he asked. "Starbucks?" I said hopefully. "Sure. My treat." He said, winking. "Oh. Somebody's cheeky today." I said, laughing. He stuck his tongue out at me. I made a duck face at him. He laughed. "Let's go, let's go!" I said. "Alisome hungry." "You're worse than Niall with Nandos," he joked.  

I closed the door behind us, and locked it. Harry grabbed my hand, and I practically dragged him to his car. Laughing, he started the car, and I gave him a kiss on one of his dimples. We had become a couple a month after the concert. We were always texting, skyping, and sometimes met up at Starbucks. One day, when we were there, he popped the question, and from then we've been together. That's why Starbucks was my fav coffee shop.  

"Here we are, love." Haz said. He opened my door for me, and giving him a quick peck, we went into the shop. I ordered 2 large Mocha Cookie Crumbles, knowing its Harry's fav too. And we went to sit down in a booth. 

The papparazzi's flashes kept going off in my peripheral vision. "I'm sorry, love." Harry said, noticing my discomfort. "Harry.. We've been dating for a few months now, and I'm getting used to all of this." I replied. "I know, Ali. I can't help worrying though. I've read the hate comments some supposed fans leave on your Twitter and Instagram. I don't want them to one day affect you and cause you to do something horrible." Harry answered. I reached over and joined our hands together. "Nothing can cause me to do something horrible to myself. I'm stronger now." I rubbed my thumb against the back of his hand. "I ignore those comments. I know the fans just mean well. Remember, I am one too. I used to be in that position with that little Haylor incident. The fans just wish they were in my position. I'm extremely lucky to have you, Harold." Harry wrinkled his nose at his full name. I laughed and continued on. "And nothing will cause me to leave you, unless you want me to." 

"Ali, I don't want you to ever leave. Come on, let's leave. I have somewhere I want to show you." 


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