Chapter Ten

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Chapter Ten

Their where reporters and television crews scattered everywhere along with armed FBI and police officers, there was even a bomb disposal unit there. I didn’t even have time to make any sense of all of it, before being thrown into a back of a van. Fear shot threw my body as I started remembering the night that I was shot. I tried so hard to try and clear my head however, hearing the panicked orders being screamed out wasn’t helping. I started mentally shouting at myself to pull it together, reminding myself that this was my job and I am just going to have to forget that this is personal. Nevertheless, no matter how much I scolded myself it wasn’t working, as all I could see was my two princesses. Damn, “Sergeant, Fergal, Tony, God will somebody answer me?” I screamed out at the top of my lungs in despair. The whole van went silent as they all turned around to face me. Their faces mirrored the exact way that I was feeling inside.” What the hell is going on?” I screamed out to no one in particular. A few of the men just started rubbing the backs of their necks while the others just bowed there heads down while keeping there eyes fixed on the floor. Just as I was about to start screaming again FBI agent Tony spoke up. “Damon, we have a much bigger problem on our hands right now and for now our main priority is to keep you safe.” I cut him off “What about Sheena and Destiny?” I asked him, my blood ran cold as I watched his face go paler than white. “There have been moved to a safe place” He replied stuttering. The anger and hate that I have been holding back for so long exploded as I charged towards agent Tony, I was going to kill him. Just as I reached him, officers around him blocked me.  Screaming and shouting I continued trying to fight them off. After a while, I stopped knowing there was no way I was going to get past them.

 Knowing damn well that he was trying to cover up something made me feel sick. God don’t any of these morons know I’m not just some person off of the street. I’m one of them and this is exactly the thing I would be saying when something had gone seriously wrong.

While two officers had me pinned down on the hard metal floor of the van another one put handcuffs on me. “Damon when you calm down we will explain everything to you however, right now is not the time or place we have to get you as far away from here as possible do you understand?” not having any more energy in me to fight I nodded my head.

I don’t know how long we where on the road for as I was too deep in my own thoughts, well that was until I heard the back doors to the van opening. As the doors opened up, I spotted my sergeant, giving me a sorrowful and pitiful look, which just seemed to push me over board. He leaped in the van and placed a firm hand on my shoulder. ”Damon “he said sternly, “That’s enough; now follow me and not a word.” The officers either side of me helped me up onto me feet, I mentally started cursing blue murder. I knew I needed to calm down but it was like I was a bull wanting to charge and kill everyone in sight. It was as if something inside of me had finally snapped. The amount of rage inside me was scaring the hell out of me, as even my vision was becoming red. Picturing Destiny in Sheena’s arms, I tried desperately to calm myself down.

Everything was going through my head; it was spinning so bad that I was even getting visions of Sheena and Destiny lying dead in the middle of know where. Tears where running down my cheeks out of desperation and fear, I couldn’t believe there where keeping whatever it was away from me. As we stepped down out of the van, my stomach sank as I saw the supposed to be safe house. Bile rose up into my mouth at the thought of going in there. It was Heidi’s house (Cherelle’s mothers) and as much as I was screaming on the inside, I managed to keep my mouth shut as right now all I wanted, was to find out where Sheena and our princess was. Within minutes, I was sitting on the sofa in the front room. However, it wasn’t like a front room anymore as they had turned it into what looked like a war zone. Armed officers where running around the place it was as if they where expecting some kind of combat. “Damon” sergeant called, looking up at him he nodded his head informing me to follow. Standing up an officer undone my handcuffs, as grateful as I was I didn’t bother to thank him as I was too rapped up in everything else that was going on. Following behind the sergeant, I couldn’t believe the amount of armed men there were. The fear for Sheena and Destiny’s lives was killing me inside, as I had never seen an operation as big as this. Stopping in front of a big metal door, the armed officers that where lined up in front moved aside letting us enter. Walking into the room, I didn’t know what to expect to see, but the last person I was expecting to see there was sitting cuffed to a metal table. I wanted to grab a gun from the nearest officer and kill him, but Fergal came up beside me and held onto my arm and whispered “Damon, we need him” hearing his words didn’t stop the pure anger running through my veins but did stop me from killing him. “Ah Damon I see they called you” he said. Feeling more hatred then I have ever in my entire life I couldn’t answer him, as all I wanted was to end his life. “Damon, he is here to help Sheena”, “What,” I screamed out shutting my sergeant up. Then Sheena’s Dad started to speak but I couldn’t make out a word he was saying, as all I could hear was the drumming of my heartbeat. Fergal then nudged me “I know you hate me and you have every right too. However, right now I am here to make things right” I heard him saying. Not knowing whether to believe him or not, I decided to hear him out.  Walking closer towards him Fergal tugged on my arm pulling me to a stop, giving him a reassuring look, I took a seat across from Sheena’s dad before motioning for him to go on. “Where do you want me to start?” he asked, before answering I quickly glimpsed up at Fergal and mouthed “Is Sheena and Destiny safe?” he nodded his head giving me a small smile. Knowing she was safe eased my panicked state but didn’t seem to stop my anger from bubbling.  “From the beginning” I spat out with so much venom. Seeing him flinch at my words put the biggest smile on my face, you turn to squirm in fear now sucker, I thought to myself.

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