Charlies POV

I walked up to Ellie's door escorted by Harry. I knocked on the door lightly and waited for her to open it. After a few seconds she opened the doors and her eyes widened to see myself and Harry together.

"Urm, hey." I spoke awkwardly.

"Hey, are you two okay now?" She asked sounded concerned.

"Yep, i'll explain everything later. I was wondering whether i could stay here for a few days?" i asked with hope in my voice.

"Oh my gosh, of course Char you don't need to ask!" She exclaimed as she crushed me into a hug. She then turned to Harry and stuck out her hand. "Hey i'm Ellie."

Harry shook her hand then spoke "Nice to meet you i'm Harry."

There was quite an awkward silence before Harry started talking. "Well i better get going. See'ya later babe." he kissed my cheek then turned around and started walking down the path. "And don't worry i will sort everything out." He shot me his award winning smile then carried on walking.

"Okay, tell me everything now." Ellie demanded before dragging me into her house. I put my bag on the floor and sat on the sofa. I crossed my legs facing her as Ellie did too. I explained about how he was happy that i was pregnant and how he told me management made him date Emily and that we're back together and the Nathan situation. She kept silent throughout the whole story with wide eyes.

After a moment or two she spoke "Wow"

"El, is that all you have to say?"

"Well, sorry but it's a lot to take in y'know."

"I know, sorry but Harry has gone to talk to management and if they don't let us be together then he is leaving one direction." I cringed at that thought.


"I know, i told him not to but he said that i'm his dream and the baby is our future."

"Wow, he really is something huh?" She said stunned.

"What do you mean 'really is something'?" I asked bewildered.

"Well, Char he might be giving up his dream for you." She paused for a moment. "He must really love you."

I stayed silent for a moment. Yeah Ellie's right. He might be giving up one direction for me.

He really does love me.

Harrys POV

After i dropped Charlie off at her friend's house i went straight to management. I called them up a few days ago  to bring everyone there meaning the boys, our families, girlfriends (Emily included) Paul, Simon and all of management as i was planning on telling everyone i loved Charlie before i knew she was pregnant but this was just the icing on the cake. I asked the women on the desk where everyone was and she told me they were in the big discussion room. I stormed through the hallway up to the door. I stood outside wondering how to explain this but i decided i was going to wing it. I opened the door to reveal everyone sitting there. About 40 odd people. I started to get nervous and took a big gulp as all eyes burned on me. I shifted my weight awkwardly as everyone stared at me. We stayed like this for about 30 seconds before Simon broke the silence.

"Would you like to explain to everyone why you have gathered us here or are you just gonna stand there all day?" He asked in an abrupt tone.

"Yes, i am actually."

I walked up to the front of the room where everyone could see me and i started talking. I decided to start at the beginning as not everyone knew the entire story.

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