I walked to Biology class. Glad I could finally get away from Ryan. Then, I forgot all about the guys in Biology that were nerds, who also try to get with me. " Hey Jennifer." Jack greeted me inside the door.      " Hi,Jack isn't it." I replied. "Yes, I was wondering if you would want to be my lab partner." " Uh.." I was trying to stall waiting for Ashley to walk in, but she was taking too long. I was about to say yes, then..." No, Jack she is already my partner." Kyle said rescuing me from what would be torture. " Yea..sorry Jack..maybe next time." I offered knowing I was lying. "That's what you said the last time." He mumbled. " Thank you soo much Kyle, I was about to lose my mind." " No problem..Jenn anything for an old friend right?" He laughed. "Right." I agreed. Kyle was my ex-boyfriend. We broke up because we were just over-bearing each other. We needed space is the better way to say it. " So, I saw your name on the auction list thingy.' " About that, I was wondering if you can do something for your old friend.."  " Yes, I would be honored to buy you at auction, so you won't have to go out with someone you don't know or like...I got you."        " Thank you." I smiled. All I could do was ask myself why did I ever let that one slip away?

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