There's a werewolf in my Bed!?!

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Put your story text here...Hello im new at this i usally write in free time but i thought ' HEY why not ge comments?!!' so i joined wattpad and i can say its the best thing ive ever done in my life. so heres my story please comment and vote if you like it::::::::::::::::::: :]

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There's a werewolf in my Bed!?!

Scarltts p.o.v

The divorce was quickly approaching and i didn't have a choice of who i wanted to spend the rest of my life with. My mum said without question that i was going to live with her but it made things worse as i only wanted to run away and live with my dad. I was suffocating and i didn't now what to do ?!

Wednesday 8th June , divorce date.

I arrived there in my dad's car after spending the weekend with him in fear of never seeing him again. We walked up the big slabs of concrete stairs_ heart parched and feet heavy_ leading up to the broad brass door building that was practically home to damsels in distress. It dawned on me, what about my friends; anya, laura and chloe, i would be leaving them behind. Not to mention my super fit boyfriend daniel and my close family friends. What are they all going to say.

An over coming sense of devastation and anger welled up inside of me as i was told to wait outside the court room. Before they entered the room my dad gave me a funny look and tapped my mum, i did'nt know why they were looking at me like that until i felt a wet puddle on my jeans from where i had been crying. They approached me awkwardly, leaving both solicitors gossiping waiting for them at the court room doors .

My dad handed me tissue, and i dabbed my mascara smudged eyes. My mother stood in front, giving me a half-hearted smile as my dad sat down next to me pulling me into his arms.

He whispered little nothings into my ear and then spoke reassuringly "Everything's goin' got be peachy okay!? your mother and i still will keep in touch and i'll come and visit you. Your mother and i are still good friends and only want the best for you."

We sat there for a second my mother not saying as word as she would not be the one saying any good-bye since i was staying with her in the new house she had bought for us just a few hours down the road. Calinforia , as in a 39 hour drive. I don't know how dad is ever going to have the energy to drive to New York an he's probably not going to be used to all the traffic and people there as a matter of fact i don't think i'm going to either.

Apparently i've heard it can be like a 'concrete jungle' the hustle and bustle in town is so truamatizing and the heat strokes are phenomenal although im used to that from Arizona.

By now mum and dad must be half way through the divorce. To be honest i don't even know why they're getting a divorce they were the best couple ever they taught me so much.... how to read, how to write how to count ( get my drift , i was homeschooled) but most importantly they taught me how to love (cheesy i know but sooo true) and now all of a sudden they can't bare each other .

But that's not the most upsetting part, the most upsetting part is that i have to go through my life with one parent because of a stupid divorce and they won't even tell me what the hell broke them up .

'I mean im 15 for christ sake, not 9. I can handle it ' i thought but imagining a horrific story of my mum and dad arguing and a pregnant woman clinging onto my dad's arm brought tears to my eyes and i knew better than to think of it.

Muffled voices were muttering in the hallway where i was sitting, waiting i then heard footsteps approach the door so i wiped the tears from the cornesr of my eyes and tried to compose myself.