plane idea(onedirection)

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the plane one (one direction fanfiction) not sure what to call this as i havent worked out whats going to happen past the first couplle of chapters :)

A girl who loves one direction, and her three best friends all get tickets to a One Direction concert, In Hawii!!!!!!! They also get backstage passes to meet them aswell. Sounds like a dream come true? Well, it isn't, this story will have twists, bumps, love triangles and much more. Read to find out how these three best friends deal with meeting their idols and what happens after that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hope you enjoy this, i already have two chapters that i will upload soon, but i am not sure when i will upload ahain after that :( i still don't know the password to the iPad and the computor is broken still i think, i have to get up early tommorow because i am catching a train back to mine at like half nine :( and i still need to check i have everything that i need but daddy is asleep in the room that my stuff is in so i cant untill tommow. im going to bed now so night guys, love you all xoxo

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