From MBs POV

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--- On The Tour Bus ---

Ray- Aye Gimme My Stuff

Roc- I Can't Wait Til Tomorrow

Prince- Me Either... I Just Hope They Fine

Ray- You Ain't The Only One

Prod- Right Cuz I Don't Need To Spend A WHOLE Day With Some Ugly Girls.

Roc- What If They Are So Beautiful x We Start Liken Them?

Prince- Geez, Well We Just Gone Have To See.

Prod- Remember The Last Girls We Hung Out With?

Ray- Ohh Yeaa I Can't Neva Forget That

Roc- Why Cuz You Got Sucked

Ray- Mhmmm , I'm Tellin Yall She Got That Good Mouth

Prince- You Still Got Here Number?

Ray- Hell Yea! On Speed Dial.

(All The Boys Busted Out Laughing)

Prod- Thats Like This Girl Katrina Wooahhh Boy She Was A Freakk iWas Likee Woahh Deree

Roc- Katrina? Lightskinned Ass x Titties?

Prod- Yeaa

Roc- She Got A Gap?

Prod- Yea

Roc- Man That Chick IS A Freak I Did It With Her Behind The Set

PrinceexRay- Dangg

Roc- Thats What I'm Sayin... But All I Can Think About Is Tomorrow

Prince- Me Too But Sleep On It.


(They Reminisice In That Past x Thinks About The Girls x Try To See How They Look.

I Know I Know Its Short But Just Be Patience.


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