Chapter 2

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i start running to go find some help but cant seem to find the right place. i stood there panting in the middle of Mullingar, Ireland thinking to myself, "wow... i cant believe this... I HAD ACTUALLY MADE IT OUT!!" this is the farthest i have ever been out in my life!

everytime i have tried to escape i have always gone running out to the parking lot and my mom would find me struggling to get past cars and people. She had always gone after me and acted like i was getting grounded when really i was inside my house getting abused in a corner crying my heart out.

Since i was clear out here in the real world instead of stuck in my room broken hearted all the time it had been my my real first time discovering the outiside of my apartment. I looked around for atleast just a drug store to clean these burns ad scratches up. I found one on the corner of my friend's street and i thought i might stop there next before it gets too dark. As i entered the drug store, people had looked at me in a weird way or had the "whats wrong with you" look on there face. I dug my face in my sweater and made sure it was covered so that i could cry as i ran to the bathroom. I turned around and the locked the bathroom door right as i slam it. i sat there with tears falling from my face on to my sweater's sleeve right as i felt this sharp pain on my arm where my mom had burned it just recently today. i rolled up my sleeve and past my burn to face my flesh stinging like a needle had been shoved in my arm from my tears that seeped through my sleeve.

i took off my sweater and found a first aid kit in the bathroom. i opened up the first aid kit and found bandages and tape. i quickly grabbed them and wrapped my arm tightly and secured it with the tape.

i picked up my jacket and smelt it. it smelt awfully a lot like smoke. My mom has been a drug addict and has smoked her lungs out ever since she has had me in her life. i had found some fabreeze in there so i sprayed my jacket with it to cover that dirty nasty smell.

i put on my jacket and looked in the mirror. i asked my self: "what did i do to make her hate me and not want anything to do with me? was it because i didnt turn out to be the girl she wanted me to? was i just down right uglier than a cactus?" i was wearing a cream colored tank top with a grey sweater and dark blue skinny jeans that were ripped and torn with black converse that were pretty dirty. my hair was so black it was pretty much dark blue and was down being pin straight as it could possibly be.

i had walked out and remembered that i had money in my pocket from my mom that i stole from her when she left her bundle of money she had on her dresser when she had gone out drug dealing. i took it out of my pocket and counted how much i had, i had enough just to buy a pepper spray incase if she found me and came anywhere near me and thats when i thought: "ITS MY TURN NOW."

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