Part 2

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When I was twelve, I moved into the house I live in right now. I didn't know anyone for miles and everything about this house scared me. The wooden floors and tiled kitchen felt cold and icy to the touch. Our front porch was left bare, not a single pot of blooming flowers ever witnessed or seen. This new house was just like the old house. It was simply an object, neither mine nor my families. Thats why I feard it so much. 

The first Saturday I was here, I met a boy named Eric Corrbert. I saw him riding his bicycle down the street up the slope where he pushed his pedals with every ounce of strength he had. He passed by me a couple times, making eye contact and flinging his hair trying to impress me with his shiny bike. I wasn't buying it. Finally, he approuched me by my door step where I sat and watched him act like a show off. We introduced eachother and then he asked me if I had a bike. I told him I didn't. 

"There is this old patch of trees down the street. There is a tire swing I like to play on that hangs from a tree. Want ot come with me?" 

I would have done anything to get away from that rechid house. So I jumped off the door step and followed Eric on his bike, chasing after him like a little puppy. 

He left his bike infront of the woods and I followed his lead to find the tire swing. I asked him how old he was and Eric told me he was 13 and a half. I didn't think anything of it. A boy almost two years my senior seemed harmless to me. A litle ways into the woods, we finally found the tire swing Eric had been mustering me about. He showed me how to get onto it. I watched him stand on the tire swing and hold on tightly to the thick rope as he flew past the ground, his hair waving across his face. 

We took turns on the swing pushing eachother until one of us yelled to stop because it was getting too high. On one of my turns, I stood up on the tire swing and Eric decided to sit in between the hole. I started to ask him how he knew about this swing but he didn't answer. I looked down to see what he was doing when I caught him looking up my dress. 

"What are you doing?!" 

"Nothing! I'm just swinging!" 

I felt a sudden rush of panic and discomfort. I needed tp leave. I had to go. I told Eric it was time for me to go home because I forgot to tell my mom where I was going and she might have gotten worried. He led the way out of the woods and I reluctantly followed without a sound. We didn't speak to eachother and things got  awful quiet as we heading for Eric's bike. 

"If you go down that road, you should see your house at the T. My house is the other way" 

"Wait. Did you see anything up my dress? Don't lie." 

"Umm, I saw you had pink underwear." 

After his departure, I quickly lifted my dress up. He was right. After my first encounter with Eric, I briskly walked home, a feeling of anger and embarrassment burning under my feet. All of a sudden, my horrible  new house seemed like a haven to me. 

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