(Start of part three)

“And then Tom told the bullies where to go!” ‘mother’ chippered.

“Ah, good on you. We had this idiot expelled here for bullying. He was making everyone’s lives hell. Especially my friends and my boyfriend’s lives.” I smiled at Tom. He didn’t really talk that much.  He looked amazing though.
He was like a blonder version of Noah.

Tom’s skin was coldly pale, if I went near him I was expecting a frozen body. But thankfully he was the normal temperature just like everyone else. His eyes though… his eyes were an amazing green colour. They were like Noah’s in brightness, and perfection. His left eyebrow had a piercing in and so did his bottom lip. I’m assuming he’s got a tattoo of two by the way he smiles at himself sometimes. It’s either that or he’s quite big headed.

Tom was tall and well-built like Sean but there was something about him that just seemed… I don’t know. Right? Family-ish? Whatever it was, it didn’t really bother me as much as it should.

I looked up at the person that was meant to be my mum and pointed to the beach. “The beach is right there.”

“I can see that Abbie.” She laughed and went to put her hand on my shoulder.

“I’m being nice to you for several reasons, but me liking you isn’t a reason. So can we just get on with it?” I asked with all my honesty.

“Okay. Fair enough Abbie.” She sighed. “So, you have a boyfriend?” She asked.

“Yeah.” I smiled at the thought of Noah. My Noah. My perfect boyfriend, Noah.

“I want to know his name! What’s he like? Is he handsome? Dreamy? Oh! I bet he’s just to die for!” She clapped her hands and waited for my reply.

I had to laugh. Noah was all of those things. He just didn’t know it. He’d rebel against it. I felt comfortable talking about Noah. It was just another reminder that this hell won’t go on for much longer and sooner rather than later I’ll be able to annoy him. But then something clicked. She spoils everything. She could spoil Noah for all I know. But, I sighed and carried on. He can look after himself better than I can look after myself.

“Well his name’s Noah. He’s kind of new here. Well… he’s not new anymore.” I laughed. “And he is really handsome. He’s actually quite like Tom, with his piercings and his hair. Only Noah’s hair is black and he never usually does anything with it, only brushes it with his hands and washes it like a normal person.” I smiled. I think it was the first time I’ve genuinely smiled whilst being around that bitch.

“Oh! He sounds perfect Abbie! Do we get to meet him?” She asked with excitement in her voice.

“It depends…” I said bluntly. My eyes were wide. My thoughts were running wild. She can’t spoil Noah. She can’t ruin the one thing that’s mine and only mine.

“On what?” Tom asked. It was the first time he’d said anything. He seemed angry with me in a way. He wasn’t acting like the way he was in front of my dad and Sean. Maybe he’s just fed up with his mother, like I am.

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