Chapter 1: leaving 

Hey my name is Hailey Castillo, you can tell I’m hispanic because of my last name. I live with my dad; Miguel Castillo(32 yr), stepmom Yohanna castillo(30 yrs), stepbrother Jacob(Jake) Morin(16 yrs), and my little sister Ashley(Ash) Castillo(6yr). You might be asking yourself “what happen to her mom?” well I moved from the island DR (Dominican Republic) to the USA when I was 12, my mom (Jenna Torres 31yrs) gave custody to my dad and he gave it to Yohanna so she can bring me here. I haven’t seen or talked to her since then. My step mother treats me like a slave the only people that are nice to me is Ash and dad. I’m 15 and tired of people treating me like shit so I’m running away.

I left a note they why I ran away…

Dear dad, Yohanna and family

I have run away because I’m tired of people treating me like shit especially

Yohanna she treats me like a servant her slave and she beats me up,

And Jake I hate him with all my guts, he… I can’t tell you dad, he knows what he did.

The only people that treated me great were dad and ash (Ashley). I’ll miss you guys except Yohanna Jerk and

Jake bastard son of a bitch, Sorry for language dad but he pisses me off! Love you all not Yohanna or Jake

With love Hailey Castillo

Ps. Love my last name^^

I walked to the locked room took Yohanna’s 4 credit cards and all my documents. After I had my suitcase ready I left to the drug store hit the ATM machine and took 10,000 dollars from each. Then I bought a bus ticket to Washington dc. The bus drive took 5 days, when I arrived the first thing I did was change my name, I when to the city hall and change it to Tennese Colon, I went to the hair salon and put my hair black with red tips and fangs when I paid and went out and bought a news paper and I saw a picture of me above it said “Missing” I sigh.

I went to a motel and turn on the news... while I take a shower when I came out I see Yohanna

“Please, Hailey come home we need you” I started laughing until my sister pop out on the screen

“Tell her what you told me ash” Yohanna said while I waited  

“sis come home me and dad miss you” she said and I saw yohanna pinch her the ash continued “mom and Jake miss you too “ ash finish and I shut down the TV, this will make me cry but it made me angry that bitch made her say does things.

‘I need to get out’ I thought to myself I went to town and found a music store and it had a “HIRING” sing I went in and saw the hottest guy ever and when I say ever is  EVER!!

“Hi” was the only thing that came out from me.

“Hi to you too” he said and I giggled “may I help you with anything?”

“Uh… yeah I saw the sign outside and I want to apply for the job”. I said really nervous

“Oh yeah… I’ll be right back I’ll bring the manager… he said “My name is Darren” with that he disappeared through the door

A was looking around when I saw something.

“ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed and froze.

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