Casey's POV:

I huddled up into a corner, holding my breath, and fighting back tears. Squeezing Jess' hand once more, I let it go. It fell to his side.

  Maybe I should give them what they wanted. Maybe I should tell them a lie, and that Jess and Cam went on without me, that they had abandoned me, and to leave them alone. 

  But Jess saw everything, heard everything that fateful day. Jess saw so much, that they were after me, just because I was with him, that I was there that day didn't mean anything to them! 

  I pictured myself leaving Jess, then shook away the thought as soon as it had come. What was wrong with me? I couldn't leave my brother, Jess meant everything to me, even if it got me killed protecting him, by damned, I would do it. 

  My thought flew to Cam. Was he safe out there? Closer to the intruders then we were? I was falling in love with that boy, and if anything ever happened to him...

 Once again, I shook away the thought, and the footsteps sounded so close, I swear they were right in front of me.

  I gulped, and tugged on Jess' arm, he turned away from the door, and looked at me. 

  "Jess, we need to protect Cam, we need to... we got to.. have to..."  I was hyperventilating. 

  He put both hands on my shoulders, and turned his body to face me.

  Although we were both sitting down on the floor, we were still so easy to spot if someone walked by, even if they ran. We popped out.

  "Casey, breathe, everything's going to be fine. Shh." He hushed me, pulling me to his chest. 

  I gave in easily, cowering in a corner was doing no good for us, but I couldn't hold the tears anymore, there was people I loved that would get hurt because of me. Because of Jess. Cam.

  "We came all this way for nothing, Sam! What if they're not even here anymore? They don't have a car, they don't have anything with them we could identify. Let's get outta here, they could be walking."  Ashton's deep voice boomed. 


  A female voice sounded, and high heels clicked across the floor, coming toward the little broom closest we huddled in.

  My breath stopped, and beside me, Jess' did, too.


  Cam's POV:

  Casey. Casey, Casey, Casey.

  As I cowered behind a damn garbage can, the high heels clicked farther away from me, closer to the girl I loved. The girl I would do anything for, even if it meant going back to my father, if it meant watching him beat up helpless girls, just as helpless as Casey was right now. 

  Jess was like my brother already, and even if something happened to him, I couldn't live with it. I hated hospitals. Now is a great reason for hating them. Hospitals are always the first place someone looks for someone as defenseless and helpless as three teens. 

   If I gave myself up to them, told them a lie about Casey and Jess, how they left already, leaving me because they didn't trust me. I let them go, heading back to my father. 

  Or that they left because I was planning to bring them to my father anyway. They found out, and abandoned me. 

  God, I hope Casey doesn't believe a word I'm about to say.


Casey's POV:

 "Oh my... Cam, don't." Jess whispered, although it sounded like he wanted to scream it. 

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