Alex's Pov.

 Ella's sleeping body lie in my arms her red hair spilling over onto my chest, I lent my head down onto her scalp she smelt like flowers and cinnamon, I gently untangled her from my arms heading downstairs to get some coffee, last night she fell asleep in my arms after poring her heart out to me, but why cant I believe her I mean cutting really, like Ive said before as long as Ive known Rian its like Ive known her and shes just not that person. 

My phone half buzzed in my pocket, I picked it up glancing at the time, 12:15 wow we really slept in, I answerd the phone. 

"Hey Rian" He mumbled something back at me. 

"What?" I spoke loudly kinda annoyed. 

"Was just thanking you for telling me where Ella was last night you know SO I WASN'T FUCKING WORRIED" I snorted down the phone at him rolling my eyes.

"She fell asleep on me Rian after we talked it out about her cutting" Rian screamed at me in anger. 

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOUR BED ALEX WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO HER" Getting angry myself I shouted back down the phone at him. 


"Say's Alex fuck anything that moves Gaskank" I wanted to grab his big potato head and bang it into his stupid drum set. 

"SAYS THE GUY WHO CARES SO MUCH ABOUT ELLA HE DIDN'T KNOW SHE WAS CUTTING" That knocked the wind out of him he screeched a cuss word at me. 

"You don't know shit Alex I think you should just fucking ask her yeah" The line went dead leaving steam practically coming out of my ears. 

I threw my phone onto the couch letting it bounce on a cushion, I may be mad at him but fuck breaking my phone, I put on the coffee maker poring myself a cup when it had finished, my mind went to the party tonight, I had all the alcohol in the pool house, the guys had the pizza money, and almost everyone in our senior class has been invited, just need to pack away everything mom and dad will chop my balls off for braking. 

First I decided to make some breakfast, after about five minutes of burning all flood my hands came into contact with and setting off all four of our fire alarms her perfectly messy ball of red hair padded into the kitchen her scars showing proudly, she put the biggest smile on my face. 

"Thank god I had pictured an entirely diff rent image" She sighed in relief skipping into the kitchen shaking her head at me and throwing out my attempt at breakfast. 

"Let me guess I was naked and..." She cut me off laughing loudly and frying some more bacon up. 

"Actually it was more like you fully clothed running around in circles with your ass on fire" We both burst out laughing barely being able to breath, she finished the food laying it out on a plate in front of me, pancakes bacon and syrup MMM.. 

"Damn girl you can cook too marry me?" She laughed again bumming a pancake off of my plate and joining me on the counter, any other girl would loose a finger for stealing my food but not her, she looked cute the way she nibbled at it all around the edges eating at in inwards like a raccoon. 

"So Rian called" Her eyes went wide her fingers wrapping themselves around mine. 

"FUCK FUCK FUCK I forgot to tell him I stayed over what did he say" She looked me right in the face clearly a little apprehensive, I decided to downplay our argument and not let her worry also not to bring up what Rian said I should ask her. 

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