Chapter 2

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Night woke up to the sound of screeching cats. Fearful meows filled the old apartment building.

And what she heard was, "CAT CATCHERS! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!"

That seemed to be the most common thing being said. This made Night shiver. The old stories told about twolegs who carry nets. If the catch you, they bring you to a horrible place, full of other cats and even dogs. And in three day, if a person doesn't come and take you, they put you 'to sleep'.

So, Night jumped up, ready to run. Storm was still sleeping, so Night jumped down from the sink and onto her.

"STORM! THERE ARE CAT CATCHERS IN THE BUILDING!" Night meowed loudly. Storm was instantly on her paws.

"What? Where?" Storm asks.

"I'm not sure, but you can hear them attacking!" Night meowed as a loud crash sounded and a person cursed.

Storm growled. Night's ears twitched as she heard her mother stir from her spot. Night instantly was at her side.

"Mom! There are cat catchers in the building," Night's meow was full of excitement and nervousness. Dawn nods as she hears the meows from downstairs.

"Yes, I can hear," she replies as she sits up.

"We need to leave now before they get up here," Storm meows from the door.

Night looks from her paralyzed mother, to her best friend. "But what about..."

Dawn interrupts her daughter, "You two run, and leave me now."

"We can't do that!" Night meows shocked.

"You must. I won't be able to run. You two are fast and fit... If you leave now and run down the fire escape both of you could make it out," Dawn looks at both of them, seriousness shinning in her golden eyes.

"No mom," Night shakes her head, tears staring to run down her face.

Storm growled. "But your mom is right. She wouldn't be able to get away, no matter what. We need to leave now."

Night flattened her ears against her head as she ran to the door. Yet she couldn't run all the way out for she was blocked by a cat catcher, who had just opened the door.

The three she-cats eyes widened. There in front of them was the being they feared the most, a twoleg with a dark blue pelt, in his hands a net.

Night backed up, her tail in between her legs.

But Storm meowed out a fight cry as she launched herself into the air and at the cat catcher. Her claws extended, and she was ready to attack.

Yet just before she landed on the person, he swung his net. Storm ended up inside, and captured.

Night stared, not knowing what to do. Her best friend was just caught by a cat catcher for goodness sake!

Dawn's panicked meow brought Night back to the room. "RUN NIGHT! RUN, AND DON'T TURN BACK!"

Night jumped, but listened to her mother. She ran for her only opening -the door.

And that failed as the cat catcher slammed it shut, and blocked any sort of exit. Night was dumbstruck, and all she could do was stare.

"Run!" both Storm and Dawn yelled. Night jumped and ran towards the hole, even though the man was blocking it. When she got to in, she extended her claws and dug them into the cat catcher's leg. He yelled and lifted up his leg, and Night ran out as quickly as she could.

Outside of the room, she was met by total chaos. Cats were running around everywhere, and so are the cat catchers.

Night started to run, past the two other rooms, and through the old living room, and she nearly made it to the door... when she became tangled in a net.

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