Top 25 reasons why people die in horror movies

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1. They stop and look behind them

2. They use lame weapons like a tree branch

3. They sream when they see the killer like duh don't sream just walk upstairs and hide some where

4. They go back for there friends

5. They stop and rest

6. They shout something like for die bitch before they try to kill the killer

7. They wait in the house till moring

8. They try to trap the killer or killers

9. They hide in lame places

10. They go in the hunted house and stay the night

11. They ask if any one is home

12. They look though the killers belongs

13. They listen to the creeppy old woman

14. They forget gas for when they try to ecape

15. They answer the phone when it is an unknown calle

16. They don't heed the parents warrings

17. They trash the killers house

18. They hold a party in the creepy house

19. They go check on there friends when they found a dead body

20. They go upstairs when they find the door open

21. They go upstairs when they hear footsteps in the attic

22. They check on the dog when they hear it bark

23. They try to sic the dog on the killer

24. They run up the stairs

25. They dont run like hell!!!!!

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