Back to the pack

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It's been 3 years since I've been home, so much has changed now. I have a job as a supermodel and my model name is angel because I look like an angel to them with my thick golden hair that goes down to my waist and my deep ocean blue eyes. My managers name is called chase and he's human and has no idea about werewolves and the fact I'm one, also I have 2 children, twins 1 boy,blue and 1 girl bloom. Well there not really mine but I found them on the street last year because there parents were beating them and were starving to death and sleep deprived from doing house work. They were only 7 when I found them and took them into my own care, now 8, and there also happen to be a wolf like me which was good that I didn't have to hide myself trueself from them.

I woke up to my phone ringing, I looked at the I.D and saw it was chace. "hey chase, what's up!" I asked him. "hey angel, sorry girl but looks like your going back home..." he told me about how I'm being relocated for my work because there's more shoots there at the moment. Man am I looking forward to seeing my dad again! And I can't wait to see the looks on there faces when I walk in and tell them my job.

(At dinner)

"Kids, ive got something to tell you and im not sure if your gliny to Like it" i told them.

"what is it Mum?" tury asked in a union, i couldnt help but smile at them. There so cute! They both have blonde hair and green eyes full of love. Bloom hair goes just past her shoulders when blues goes just past his ears. I love it when they call me mum, it makes me wish I could find my mate and have kids of my own with them.

"well were moving back to my old town and living in the pack house with the rest of our pack" I told them quickly with my eyes shut. I slowly opened my eyes to 2 children smiling at me like I just won the lottery or something. "YES!" they shouted running up to give me a hug. "we finally get to see were mummy grow-up!" bloom laughed and then high fived blue. "well were leaving un 4 days and I've already told my dad about what's happening. This should give you enouf time to say goodbye to your friends". Next thing I knew I saw them running up the stairs to pack there things. Guess I should to...

(After the plane ride now at the air port)

All our stuff is at the pack house now in our rooms, I made sure that bloom and blues rooms are the 2 next to mine. Walking through the airport outside into the warm summer air, I'm so happy I wore my denim Jean shorts and yellow tank top showing off my sun kissed tan. We got in the taxi and gave the man the address to the pack house. 

After a long 1 hour in the car bloom and blue somehow managed to fall asleep on my lap. I saw the Pack house from a distance and saw that half the pack are outside, mostly male around my age, waiting for me. As we parked in front of the house I woke up bloom and blue and told the "were here wake up". They shot up like a bullet and climbed out the car first, I slowly swung my legs out side the car and stood up, I herd gasps and whispers as I stood there. Taking the kids hands I made my way to my dads office.

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