Chapter Three

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"Please tell me you don't have lessons today," Lou said frantically on the other end of the phone.

"It's summer," I replied, still a little groggy from sleep.

"Okay, now tell me that you don't have to work either."

"I don't."

I had just been startled awake by the ringing of my phone that had somehow managed to creep its way under my pillow, and turn its ringer on. At least, that's what I suspected, sneaky bastard.

"Good," sighed Lou, "now how long will it take you to get into the city?"

"Lou, I live in Manhattan," I reminded her.

"Oh gosh, your right. I've gone and gotten myself all flustered," she admitted.

"It's alright," I yawned.

"Did I wake you up, Carter? Shit, I'm so sorry!"

"It's fine," I swore. I mean, it was one o'clock in the afternoon, a normal person would be awake by now, so I couldn't blame Lou for not assuming that I would be asleep. Any other day I would have been awake, but I just couldn't seem to sleep last night. So, I ended up watching independent movies on Netflix all night, finally knocking out at a bright an early nine o'clock in the morning.

"Can I ask you a huge favor?" Said Lou. "Would you mind terribly occupying Lux for a while today?"

"Not at all," I smiled, "just bring her by my apartment."

"That's the thing," began Lou, "I need you to come to Lux."

Lou sighed in a way that I knew only meant there was a story coming.

"I brought Lux along to the shoot with the boys. You know, she's usually such a good baby but she's out of sorts today because she hasn't had a nap yet and wants attention but I can't give it to her and neither can any of the boys and there's just so much stuff that has to get done and I just can't do both and I really need you . . . I need you to come here . . ." Lou took a deep breath.

"It's alright, calm down," I reassured her. "Where are you?"

"The Seventeen offices," Lou said innocently.

"I don't even know where that is!" I exclaimed.

"I'll send the car 'round for you, yeah?"

I couldn't say no, "alright."

"Bless you," Lou said making no effort to disguise how relieved she was. "I reckon you've got about twenty minutes so, best get off the phone then."

"I guess I'll see you soon," I replied, still in some form of shock, before hanging up.

Not exactly how I had planned to spend my Sunday, but I wouldn't pass up a day with Lux, in the Seventeen Magazine offices and the presence of One Direction. I was sleepy, but I wasn't stupid. And while all this was very exciting, there was one less-than-sweet issue at hand: I had twenty minutes to get ready. This wasn't just one of those throw on pants and run to the store kind of times. No, because not only would I be seeing Harry again and the rest of the boys for the first time, but I would also be at the Seventeen headquarters, the Mecca of teen style, and that called for much more than a t-shirt and Toms.

I rushed through the usual routine of brushing my teeth and washing my face before jumping into some black skinny jeans, and pulling on an over-sized, light pink, knit sweater. I shoved my feet into some black boots and threw my hair up into a bun that I desperately hoped looked presentable. I put on some medium sized, gold, stud earrings and freaked out about not having enough time to do my make up before realizing that I didn't really wear any. I had just enough time to pull myself together and grab my bag before a driver knocked on my door. I took a deep breath, which, without a doubt, would be the first of many that day, and left.

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