Society's Rejects

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Prologue: Society's Rejects

Hi, my name is Daisy Ellis and i'm 16 years old. I have a twin broter named Dean and i'm from Britain, London in England to be exact. I'm currently living with my aunt; I say currently because she will probably ship us off to another relative soon enough.

Its always been like this since my parents death; constantly being uprooted from house to house, living with different relatives every month. They never seem to keep us longer than that. I bet it gets to them, our silence. They cant seem to stand it long enough to get to know us. To know that we just need someone we can rely on, someone to call family.

But I suppose I dont need anyone else; I have my brother. He's all that I need, because I know that he wont leave me like everyone else. He'll always be there for me, just like i'll be for him. It helps that we are able to communicate without talking, the fact that we can read eachother like an open book and have a conversation just using our eyes. Some say its freaky, but its all we've known since the accident a year ago, and it was up until we got sent here.

So now you know some information about us, this is our story as Society's Rejects...

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