Chapter 14

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Allision's Point of view:

I up to red and blue lights and sirens. I opened my eyes to see a blinding white light in front of me. "Am I in heaven?" I ask. "No, you are in a ambulence miss." a guy says. Than all the memories came flooding back in my head. "Where's rocky?" I yell sitting up really fast only making my head throb in pain. I moned. "haha you got to be careful miss, you have a concusion and and a broken wrist." the guy says. I nod and look over to my yard where Rydel was standing giving me a small smile. I smile back and told her to come here. She nodded and started to walk to the ambulence where I was. "Hey." she says softly. "Hey rydel" I say smiling at her. "How are you feeling?" Rydel asks looking worried. I smiled at her concern and said," I am doing fine...I guess." She nods and than I ask,"Where's Rocky?Rydel. I got a text from RAtliff." Her smile fades and she bits her bottom lip worried. "He-He-He's not dead right?" I say now crying in her chest. She's about to answer but Riker comes up to us and asks,"what's wrong?"

Rocky's Point of View:

"Where's Allision?!?" I scream at Ross, Ryland, and Ratliff causing me to flinch in pain. Ross than says,"Dude calm down, she's fine. Don't worry!" I than say as calmly as I can," Where. Is. Allision?!?" They all sighed and was about to answer when Cassidy amd Kara, my brother's girlfirends came up to us and said she's awake, meaning allision. They all smiled obviously relieved. "Where?" I asked them. They smiled and pointed to the ambulence four cars down. I jumped off the ambulence floor and ran toward where Allision was. All of my nrothers and Ratliff screamed,"Rocky!!!!" while both girls laughed at them. When I arrived at Allision's ambulence I saw her crying in Rydel's chest while both of them were trying to calm her down. I sighed earning riker to turn around and look at me. He smiled when he say me and mouthed,"Help us!!" I laughed and slowly walked toward my baby because of my sprained ankle and my arm. When I got to her Rydel gave me a thankful smile and handed my girlfriend to me. She cried in my chest for a while until I said,"It's ok baby, I got you now." and with that her head shot up and she looked at me. "Rocky? This can't be, you-your dead." she said tears falling down her face. In the corner of my eye I saw everyone coming to watch. I wiped away the tears that were rolling down her cheeks. "And why would you think I'm dead?" I asked confused. She turned her head to our friends and narrows her eyes at Ratliff and says," You are Dead!!!" I should have known it was Ratliff, he must have texted her. Than she turns back to me and says,"I've missed you ." laying her forehead on mine. "I've missed you too baby." I say before kissing her on the lips while all of our friends,"awwwed." in the background...

What do you guys think? What do you guys think of Ratliff telling allision Rocky is dead?:0 Alex will not hurt her or them again...or will they? dun dun dun. Did you catch that riker and ross are dating cassidy and kara?:) Vote and comment! did a double upload today!!!

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