Anything Can Happen

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P.S- Oh yesh this chapter is dedicated to Elysea because he is totally awesome and he just motivated me non stop to update! I dont want to drag on so when you finish this chapter MAKE SURE YOU READ MY NOTE AT THE END


Anything Can Happen

[Max's POV

“WHAT!?” They screamed in union down the phone

“Uhm Yeah” I reply with an awkward chuckle

“Are you high Max!?” Trinity asked in disbelief

“Drunk?” Serenity asked in a more relaxed toned but laced with concern

“Sleep deprived?” Trinity jumped in

“No guys I’m fine” I sigh

“I can’t believe this” Trinity mused “We’ve been convincing you to go out since that douche bag left you”

“Well when you see that douche bag with his tongue down someone else’s throat it becomes more of a motivation”

“Fuck seriously?” Trinity hissed “In front of you! Seriously? When?”

“The day we went out to dinner about a three days ago when I saw Darren and his partner” I sighed sadly as another piece of my heart crumbled “They kissed”

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