Chapter 12

Better Off This Way

A Day To Remember

"Ok. So here's the deal, I am adding two more ground rules since I will officially be leader starting tomorrow." Ryan said loud enough for everybody to hear; standing in the back yard of his parents house.

"First, nobody is to allow any strays into their home. Recently they have been attacking other members of the pack. My condolences go to the Hamilton family. I'd like to talk to you after I'm done." Ryan added before getting back to the rules at hand.

"And second, anybody who ever raises their hand to my mate will be facing death. I will not tolerate it. As a matter of fact, I want no serious fights between anybody." Ignoring the mutters of the crowd Ryan continued, "Do I make myself clear?"

"That's kind of harsh don't you think?" I asked, saying what everyone else was most likely thinking. "You can't always avoid something like that." I continued, thinking about how we were before we finished our bond, knowing he would pick up on what I was thinking. It's almost a near impossibility to not hear what's going on in his head.

Ryan let out a big breath and revised, "If there is any fighting, you will have to face me. It might not be what you want to hear...between everybody that is involved."

'More reasonable, but that still seems a little extreme.' I said, looking at Ryan, waiting for him to acknowledge my thoughts. I don't want everybody to think that I'm overpowering him. He is the one who is going to be taking over tomorrow. Not me.

He looked at me out of the corner of his eye, but didn't change what he was saying. "That is all. Do what you want, but there is food in the kitchen, get it while its hot." Ryan smiled, walking toward the Hamilton family.

"Why didn't you stop him?" Andrew whined, slinging his arm over my shoulder, pulling me into his side.

"I made it better didn't I?" I questioned, taking a step out of his hold and looking up at him. That's another thing that I'm not too crazy about. I cant touch anyone besides Ryan and family of the opposite sex without feeling as if I'm cheating on him. I'm not sure if that's how all bonds are or if it's just ours. 'We still need to talk to our parents about this.' I shot a look at Ryan making sure he paid attention to what I was saying.

He looked like he was going to be sick as he held Thomas Hamilton's wife, Marie in his arms trying to comfort her. I think it's just us. She doesn't seem affected at all by his touch. This is so unfair!

"Scarlett did you hear a word I just said?" Andrew asked, snapping his fingers in front of my face.

I slapped his hand out of the way, even that quick, simple touch shot a sick feeling throughout my stomach. "Sorry. What were you saying?" I asked, trying my hardest to ignore what Ryan was thinking and focus on my best friend.

"What's gotten into you? You're so different now that is-" Andrew slowly trailed off as if something was clicking inside his mind. "Something else is going on other then the too soon mind thing." He stated, not needing confirmation.

"Is that what you were talking to me about?" I asked, trying to drop the subject until we were at least in private.

"No, but I'd much rather know what's going on with that." Andrew whispered, getting the gist I didn't want other people to know.

"Not the place for that conversation don't you think." I said, seeing a group of people not even five feet next to us.

"So how's my favorite sister in law doing?" James asked, stopping mine and Andrew's conversation.

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