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Pen Your Pride


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The winter wind blew harshly finding a way through my well knit hat, chilling my folded ears to their tips, causing me to shiver and coil my tail more firmly against the small of my back. I tugged my warm leather jacket more firmly about my tall frame and pulled my hat down more snuggly around my ears to fight the cold.

I breathed in the chill air, feeling it scorch my lungs like hell fire causing my breath to hitch in my throat momentarily. I breathed out slowly, throat warming as a cloud of heat escaped my mouth and misted the air. Winter in the human world is its own kind of hell…I thought as I walked across the street, glancing both ways first; I’d learned that lesson the hard way. And a very painful lesson it was indeed…

 I felt the brush of another shoulder roughly against mine as a hand slipped humanly fast into my pocket. Quicker a human blink, I followed the path of the hand into my jacket pulling it out swifter than thought and slamming the thief in the chest with our joined hands, watching him stumble away with a scorched hand for his efforts. “Mistress…” a sibilant voice admonished from the shadows as I straightened my jacket.

“He got off easy,” I replied barely moving my lips. “Any of the other Demonic Lords would have broken bones.”

“Mistress,” A small figure detached itself from the shadows and fell into step beside me and I continued on my way as if nothing had happened. Unnaturally green eyes glowed in the dark as they gazed up at me, “Just a year ago you would not have been satisfied until bones were broken… Thwap! Mistress…” I chuckled at the distinguishable pout in the sibilant voice.

“Oh hush Tez…” The little shadow demon grumbled no doubt rubbing its sore bottom, “You’ve changed Mistress…” I thought on those words, which I was likely not meant to hear and could not help but think them true…

The world brightened abruptly as we turned the corner. I shifted the tails of my jacket allowing Tez to find shelter within as I strode down sidewalk now filled with people of all sorts and colors each and everyone buzzing with life. Cars zoomed by on the street, as shop lights and store fronts set the masses afire. A beautiful sight; I decided as I felt my lips curl slightly, such a shame that blood would be spilled this night. The only saving grace…I knew it wouldn’t be the blood of innocents.

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