chapter 7

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ok, i know this is sudden, but this is the last chapter. more like the last half page :)


Suddenly edward jumped at me. i could see him, of course. but for some reason it didn't occur to me to move. maybe there was something wrong with me. my brain was a bit slow, and by vampire measures i was way too slow.

I suddenly found myself in edward's arms. He was holding me tight. Tight enough to have broken me back when i was a human. but it didn't bother me, I was strong enough to break free, if  wantedI to, that is.

But strangely enough I didn't want to. I breathed in deeply and relaxed into Edward's embrace as his scent filled my head. Edward's arms tightened even more around me.

"Bella," he breathed as our eyes met. "How--"

I silenced him with a kiss, all thoughts forgotten. Now that I was in Edward's arms again all I could think about was how much I loved him. How much I had missed him.

After a while edward pulled back and demanded I tell him what happened.

"It was Victoria."

 I spent the rest of the day with Edward, telling him in details what I have been through since he had left. He apologized to me many times for leaving me like that, saying he thought I would have been safer away from him. He said he had been trying to find Victoria, but he was a lousy tracker.

Deep inside I already forgave Edward. But since we had eternity together, I couldn't see why I shouldn't let him work hard for a while. And for that I was glad that he still couldn't read my mind.

That's it. The end.

I think that's the end for my version of mew moon. I think I will make it into 2 or 3 chapters, since mine are less than a page each.

I might do an epilogue later, but i don't really find a need for it.

Thanks for reading till the end, i know it wasn't that good.


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