chapter 2

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What was happening? One second he was all staring into my eyes and then he was attacking my face. At first I was shocked, then I kind of liked It but I stopped myself. After I slapped him he looked so hurt, but I didn't care. I don't let perfect strangers kiss me...even if they're the hottest guy in school, with perfect hair and a football scholarship..and deep brown eyes you could get lost in. Yeah, they can't kiss me.

I was driving my new jeep to my best friend's house the next friday evening. When she saw me, she squealed and ran to my jeep and hugged it. I think she was more excited about than me, but I think she was just happy that we didn't have to drive with our parents anymore. She grabbed hold of my arms and shook me vigorously. "DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS?!" She screamed in my face. "Ye-yes" I said while trying to regain my balance. She hopped a few times and clapped her hands happily giggling. Then she looked at me seriously and said "We must talk." she paused. "Over some ice cream." she squealed and hopped in my jeep and grinned at me. I sighed sat down behind the wheel. "Onward!" She yelled in a deep voice, pointing forward. I chuckled and shook my head. "Nut case." She punched my arm playfully and started up the jeep.

Angela was going on about what she'd wear the first day of school. She took a big bite of her cookie dough ice cream. I had a pistachio ice cream that I hardly even touched. I remember the first time I had it. Louis was raving about how amazing it was, trying to convince me it wasn't disgusting. When I finally tried it I pretended to hate it at first but I couldn't long because it was so delicious! After that I couldn't get anything else, but since we broke up I've kind of lost the taste for it. I missed him so much it hurt. "Helloooo, earth to Katheriiine!!" Angie sang. I jerked my head up. "Huh? What?" she rolled her eyes. "I was asking about what happened yesterday! One minute he was over there with his friend acting weird and looking at you, and the next you two were sucking face!" she laughed poking me in the arm. "I have no clue!" I yelled, "He's a weirdo." I stuck my tongue out. She winked at me and giggled. "You know you liked it!" She made kissy faces at me. "Muah muah muah!! Oh daaanieeelll!!! muaaaah!!" I threw a french fry at her hitting her in the nose. "Quit being a child!" she sat down and scowled rubbing her nose. "Eww, grease."


I know that one wasn't so great but it'll get better, I promise! much love(:


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