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AFTER THE PROPHECY, the campfire quickly dispersed. Taea has been in the bathroom for almost all of it, and Sam was starting to wonder if she was actually coming back. It was a lot to process. He wasn't sure he even wanted to do this quest, but now he felt like quietly, everyone was counting on him. It was nerve wracking. Would anyone be mad at him if he just... quit?

A rustling from the bushes answered one of his questions, at least. Taea, in all her pint sized glory, came from them, tripping over the leaves.

"Hey, kiddos." Taea smiles, placing down her coat, a flimsy white cardigan falling apart at the seems on the ground, "Sorry I'm a little late. What's crackin'?

Taea looks around, confused. Her eyes travel to the empty logs and dimming light where the campfire used to be. "Wait..." She mutters to herself, before turning back to her friends, "What'd I miss?"

"Nothing much, just the whole campfire. A prophecy. There's a child of Zeus, apparently. Also, we're all going to die.." Jamie deadpans.

"Oh." Taea says quietly.

"Oh my God, Taea," Andy lightens up his face towards his older friend, patting the seat next to him, which Taea takes, "you should have seen it."

Sam starts to lose track of his words as Andy yaps away, probably exaggerating every detail. A gorgeous warrior with revolving eye colour, a handsome blonde who's the child of Zeus, a small semi-cute elf kid (Sam notices he doesn't really have anything nice to say about that one). A tale of fire and death that's bound to violently kill Sam, his trusted friend and his dear, dear sister. Jamie steps on Andy's foot when he says that.

Every now and then Mara and Will chime in, but Jamie, despite being one of the people actually going on the quest, stays silent. Sam would like to join the recap, but he can barley understand what's being said.

"And he's going on a quest with Jamie and the three new demigods!" Mara enthusiastically turns to Sam, "Isn't that awesome?"

"I don't know, I guess..." Sam trails off, fidgeting with his fingers, "it's just, it's a little weird, I guess. It's kind of overwhelming."

"That's so cool, Sam! Why are you complaining?" Tara's face rises and falls like a cartoon, her big brown eyes widening, "You get to go on a quest with a freakin' child of Zeus, for Athena's sake! That's a once in a life time opportunity!"

"Yeah, emphasis on once in a lifetime." Andy pointed out. Sam has noticed he had seemed rather shaken the whole night. He would have to ask him more about that later, "Anyone remember the whole 'certain death' gist of the prophecy?"

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